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In times when we must practice social distancing and all live events, meetings and conferences have been cancelled, virtual meet ups are the only option left. In case you are not an experienced user of virtual meetings software the choice can be overwhelming. A multitude of providers claim they have the perfect solution, but how to decide?

To spare you the search in the vast sea of possibilities, we will daily present the best and most popular virtual meetings software, to let you choose the one that truly meets your needs.


With vFairs you can move your events online and engage audiences remotely. Easily host virtual job fairs, online trade shows, online conferences and more. Connect audiences globally using chat tools, live webinars and digital content, backed by unbeatable 24/7 customer support. With virtually no learning curve required, attendees derive value from the word “Go”. The immersive graphical environment enables them to easily browse valuable content, use chat tools to network with exhibitors and attend webinars for learning.

Setup and configuration

vFairs can be accessed online in your favourite browser on any chosen device.

Recording limits

There are no recording limits with vFairs.

Pricing and plans

Pricing is event specific and is calculated based on your needs.

5 advantages

  1. Real-time text/audio/video chat.
  2. Multi-lingual support for events.
  3. Insightful reports of online event.
  4. Fully customizable virtual lobbies and interactive spaces.
  5. Share information in video, document or presentation form.



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