Foto: Priit Mürk / ERR

When looking for a great venue for your next event, Tallinn Convention Bureau recommends considering Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The venue recently proved that through boundless creativity and professional skill, it is possible to create completely innovative solutions and extraordinary experiences.

May 17, 2020, saw a historical moment at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, as 2500 singers became a unified choir through the use of virtual technology. This was the largest known virtual choir concert in the world and allowed people from around the world to join in.


Tallinn Song Festival Grounds are one of the largest cultural and entertainment event venues in Northern Europe and, undoubtedly a symbolic cultural object in Estonia.

The head of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Urmo Saareoja, considers the venue to be a special place and a symbol of community for Estonians. “This was a special event held at a special location! The concert showed that our venue has the unique facilities to host these kinds of concert performances – a great central location, a large area and lots of space, great visibility, and clever technical solutions with large screens. We’ve clearly entered into a new era in event organisation; as is necessary in current times,” said Saareoja and added: „Estonians have proven to the world and to themselves that regardless of how difficult the situation, we can still come together in body and spirit.”

Event organisers hold the Song Festival Grounds in high regard as an area built especially for hosting events. The large outdoor area, innovative solutions, and well-managed indoor spaces make Tallinn Song festival Grounds a great place for hosting conferences, concerts, exhibitions and gala dinners.

In 2019, the celebration of 150 years since the first song festival, an important part of Estonians’ cultural identity, was held at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The venue has also been the performance location for numerous world-renowned artists: Elton John, Metallica, Tina Turner, Andrea Bocelli, Robbie Williams and many more.