When we were planning Conventa in the middle of the worst economic crisis in 2009, the response from our colleagues and the media was unanimous. You are brave to embark on such a project and dive into the unknown. Conventa was born in a crisis and grew from a crisis. We are used to crisis management and we could say that we are used to changes in the Conventa team. This too has enabled Conventa’s development to date.

A healthy attitude towards the world, compassion and solidarity are built into the story of Conventa. In this way, we have already overcome the economic crisis together. We believe we will succeed this time as well. The situation calls for empathy and solidarity. The Conventa team fulfils the project in a way that doesn’t question our motivation. And the new situation fills us with additional energy. Although it seems impossible, we dug into work with extra drive.

Conventa consists of five intertwined content sets. We started developing them in the past years, some of them also came to life online.

The Conventa 2021 platform consists of

CONVENTA TRADESHOW – The oldest B2B MICE event in New Europe

CONVENTA CROSSOVER – Festival of events and experiential marketing

CONVENTA TREND BAR – A series of educational events in the cities of New Europe

CONVENTA EXPERIENCE ZONE – The place of real congress ideas and creative solutions

CONVENTA YOUNG TALENTS – More contacts, more employment contracts – job market


During the worst crisis, we successfully launched the CONVENTA TREND BAR PROJECT.

The story of Conventa Trend Bars is three years old and their main purpose and goal is to build a congress community through education and socializing. A novelty this year are online Trend Bars, which were welcomed very positively. We have developed a special digital platform, where the events take place and thus successfully adapted to the new situation. This way Conventa stays in touch with partners, with whom we are together searching for ways out of the crisis. It is important that we socialize and communicate what burdens and connects us.

To date, we have connected the congress community in the following destinations


20.02.2020       Varna, Bulgaria
05.03.20202     Ljubljana, Slovenia


07.05.2020       Budva, Montenegro

14.05.2020       Belgrade, Serbia

21.05.2020       Ljubljana, Slovenia

28.05.2020       Portorož, Slovenia

04.06.2020       Sofia, Bulgaria

We are planning two more online Trend Bars in the spring:

11.06.2020       Bratislava, Slovakia

25.06.2020       Thessaloniki, Greece

Given the epidemiological situation, we will continue with Conventa Trend Bars again in the autumn, when we will also decide what form they will take.


Another important project is the CONVENTA CROSSOVER conference, which will definitely take place in CD – Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana from 27 to 28 August 2020.

We have prepared an interesting program, with the slogan RECONNECT as the red thread. The event is being developed in the regional Think Tank, which enables the testing of new event formats and the promotion of top knowledge. This way, the event will become a kind of start-up for the post-crisis period and will demonstrate the way forward. According to Conventa Crossover, the future will be hybrid.

An integral part of the project is also the competition for the best events of New Europe CONVENTA BEST EVENT AWARD. To adapt to the situation, we have set two deadlines for project entries this year:

Semifinal 1:      17th JULY 2020

For projects that were carried out between 1st January 2019 and 17th July 2020.

The finalists will be announced at Conventa Crossover.

Semifinal 2:      11th DECEMBER 2020

For projects that were carried out between 1st  January 2020 and 11th December 2020.

The finalists will be announced one day before Conventa 2021 and will go straight into Live Voting.

Live voting will take place the day before Conventa 2021, on Tuesday, 19 January 2021. The awards will be presented at the official ceremony at Conventa 2021.

At the outset, we set up Conventa as a boutique, five-star experience geared towards the New Europe region. In doing so, we have always proceeded from the belief that it is better to build on quality rather than quantity. At its core, Conventa was set up sustainably. We are confident that it will continue to carry out its mission successfully along this way.

Despite the uncertain situation, we will stay by your side even in difficult times. We will try to help all our loyal partners exit the crisis and we hope that you will include Conventa in your anti-crisis plan.

Our activities during and after the pandemic are focused on

  • Remaining the strongest trade show of New Europe
  • Building a database of contacts, focusing on regional event planners (from nearby markets in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, and Croatia)
  • Organizing virtual meetings at a time when live meetings are not possible – Conventa Trend Bars
  • Introducing hybrid events – Conventa Crossover
  • Staying in touch with event planners with our e-monthly publications
  • Taking advantage of the Kongres Magazine reach (example of the latest issue: Spring issue)
  • Giving exhibitors the opportunity to present their news on our website – Exhibitors’ News –

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