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With all the COVID-19 related lockdowns, quarantines and self-isolations, virtual events have taken over. But now, things are finally looking up again for live events we have all been craving. As anyone who has ever tried to organize an event knows, it’s not as straight-forward as it may seem. Therefore, more and more event planners and venue managers are enlisting help from virtual assistants. EventBooking is one such cloud-based venue software company and they have chosen a good time to expand and bring their business to Europe.

EventBooking is a Software as Service company that specializes in online booking and venue management for arenas, stadiums, convention centres, and performing arts centres. VenueOps, their latest venue management application, streamlines all event-related activities and provides in-depth analytical feedback. The service is quickly expanding their customer base and they have decided to further expand EventBooking’s global footprint by bringing local representatives to Europe. Tobias Lienhard and Jutta Kretzer are the EventBooking partners who will help their European clients with a seamless VenueOps implementation, take care of sales and support.

Steve Mackenzie, President at EventBooking

“I am absolutely delighted to announce a partnership in Europe with two incredibly talented former colleagues, Mr. Tobias Lienhard and Ms. Jutta Kretzer. Both have been in the venue industry for most of their careers and are a perfect fit for EventBooking. They both share our passion for providing the same top-notch service we offer in other parts of the world.”

EventBooking Europe

Tobias and Jutta will be based in Germany, where Tobias will focus on sales efforts in the region and Jutta will offer implementation and support services to clients. With a base in Germany EventBooking serves multiple countries, currently 50 different venues across Europe, including the 02 in London, AccorHotels Hotel Arena in Paris, and Circuit Barcelona Catalunya. In the spirit of expanding locally, the VenueOps application will soon be available in more languages, namely German, French and Spanish.


Tobias Lienhard


Jutta Kretzer


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