Information about when we will be able to organise events is vitally important. The goal of the L-DAY campaign is to share information from all over the world, helping colleagues plan their crisis exit. We want L-DAY to become a unique benchmark for different politics that are shaping the fate of our industry.

In order to provide the most objective answer to the aforementioned question, we are asking international meetings industry experts, influencers, associations and all Kongres Magazine readers to answer three simple questions:

Q: When will your country allow live events up to 100 participants?

Croatia has already made it possible to have indoor events with up to 300 people and outdoor events with 500 people from 27 May. This number is subject to strict safety regulations.

Q: When will your country allow events without restrictions = L-DAY?

No information yet – it will depend on the virus situation development. If the situation does not escalate again, it is reasonable to expect that these measures will be gradually relaxed.

Q: When are you planning your first live event?

We will host several small scale media events during June. the first bigger scale event is scheduled for the beginning of September, and some events are planned for October.

About Krešimir

Krešimir Dominić is an account director in Komunikacijski laboratorij. In the last 16 years, he was leading teams and projects in the Adriatic region for clients like Tele2, Nokia, PlayStation, Visa, P&G, Nike, European Commission and European Parliament. He lectures at the London School of Public Relations and presents at business conferences. He can really play the guitar.

When do you think L-DAY will happen?

Let us when you are planning your first live event and share your opinion on when L-DAY will happen by completing a short survey.

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