Q: How would you describe yourself to someone you have just met?

I am passionate about communications. As a communications consultant, I help companies define their messages better, and not only talk about themselves, but also be curious about their stakeholders, and ask questions that can lead to dialogue. As communications skills coach, I help individuals communicate their messages effectively and build relationships based on trust. When I push them to speak outside of their comfort zone, I help them go to the next level as communicators, and consequentially, as leaders. The process is not always easy, but the sense of accomplishment that follows makes my job gratifying.

Q: You are a coach at Own the Room. What does that entail?

I deliver individual and group training that is interactive, intensive and fun! The participants are always surprised how much ability they have and how enjoyable the learning process can be. As a coach, I need to be sensitive to their professional and cultural backgrounds and my job is to connect and create a safe environment for participants to try something new and different and make significant steps outside of their comfort zone. Many times part of my work is to adjust Own The Room unique methodology and content to specific needs of the clients. And, I am in charge of business development in the Adriatic Region which is again a great platform to bring my communications and sales skills to life.


"Having communication skills helps create better outcomes in the workplace, but also in our private lives."

Q: You started out in PR and communications. How did you transition to becoming a public speaking coach

When I was working for Siemens I attended one of the Own The Room courses as a participant. I loved it and even with this limited experience, I was thinking that being the trainer for Own The Room must be the best job ever! I wrote a “cold letter” to Bill Hoogterp, the founder of the company, proposing that they try me out as a coach and as a business developer in the Adriatic region where Own The Room wasn’t even present at that time. I thought that this would be a nice hobby and a side job, having had no idea that it would grow into being the most significant, transformative part of my professional life!


Q: You will also hold a workshop at Conventa Crossover in August. What can we expect?

Whoever is considering this as another classical seminar is up for a surprise! Get ready for an exciting communication skills bootcamp. Wear comfy shoes as you will be on your feet constantly – in front of the camera, in pairs and in small groups. We will ditch some of the myths related how our audiences process information and learn easy techniques that will help you make a big difference in your next presentation, important client meeting or when trying to persuade your boss to give you a couple of extra vacation days. And, the progress everyone will make will be significant, visible, and achieved in a very short amount of time.

Find out more about Conventa Crossover and Martina Merslavič’s workshop here!

Q: If you would have to reduce your workshop to one piece of advice, what would it be?

Your audience has given you something priceless – their time. But that doesn’t mean you have automatically won their attention. You have to fight for it constantly. Having the toolbox of techniques helps you win this fight.

Sara Tiefengraber