If we were to judge solely by Hotel Sunrose 7, Bohinj is set for a tourist rebirth. The once legendary Hotel Markeš was built in 1890 during the construction of the Bohinj tunnel. The hotel became known as a prestigious hotel that hosted the elite of that time and even members of the royal Austro-Hungarian family. After the Second World War, the downfall began. A local favourite, the Črna Prst restaurant was on a downward spiral until family Čokl took it under its wing. The family takes credit for the first tourism renaissance in Bohinj with the opening of Eco Hotel Bohinj. With their investment in the centre of Bohinjska Bistrica, the destination shifted focus to more authentic tourism with a high added value. The fact that they were able to obtain and revitalize Bohinj’s cultural heritage is even more impressive.



The majority of guests come to Bohinjska Bistrica by car. Parking is well taken care of and there are additional parking places at nearby Bohinj Eco Park Hotel. Especially praise-worthy is the public transport, with buses from Ljubljana arriving every hour. An interesting alternative is the nostalgic train connection. Guests arriving from Ljubljana airport are dependent on Ljubljana’s current airport accessibility – this kept improving up until the corona crisis, but remains unstable in the future. The hotel also provides transportation to nearby places of interest for your guests. The experienced Bohinj MICE team knows the business well and will quickly offer the right and suitable logistics solutions.


COLD STARTER - Architecture and aesthetics

The old Austro-Hungarian Villa finally shined in a new look after the recent renovation. Night views of the luxurious hotel are something very unique. The renovation was led by architect Edvard Mandič, and the interior designed by esteemed London designer Corbie Phillips. The new minimalistic extension of the hotel in darker shades is particularly eye-catching. The combined renovated old part of the hotel and the new extension coincide very well and above all appear very elegant. The atrium of the new hotel café follows suit. With its proportions and through large glass surfaces, it connects the fairy-tale-like hotel garden with the interior. The hotel is full of inspiring details that tell the tale of the hotel and its surroundings. The walls with old postcards motives, wooden furniture, outdoor space for a campfire and similar details connect the famous past with the bright future of this renowned hotel.


WARM ENTRÉE - The staff and the culinary experience

The youthful and professional staff bring added value to the hotel. It seems that the staff is proud to be working in such an esteemed hotel. The guest service is superb, and the personnel’s positive attitude adds to the excellent final impression. The signature breakfast is a reason on its own to visit the hotel. They received the certificate “Bohinjsko” for their breakfast, which signifies that all ingredients are produced locally. There is something for every taste and guests are treated with an a la carte pampering. Such a thought-out breakfast with an ecological background and attractive presentation is indeed hard to find.


MAIN COURSE – The meetings offering at the hotel

Hotel rooms

18 hotel rooms differ in size but are bound by the same minimalistic Alpine style that includes soothing shades of grey on the walls, as well as unique wooden furniture from local spruce trees. The carefully-selected photographs of local cows, combined with excellent lighting, create the feeling of homeliness. The writing desk proved to be spacious and offered enough room. The highlight of the experience is the great hotel bed, from where you can glance through the glass wall towards the bathroom. The bio Guild+Pepper cosmetics make for a great overall impression.

Meetings centre

The hotel does not have classic conference halls, yet today’s demanding customers are no longer looking for such halls anymore. They are more likely to decide for special venues, such as the hotel’s wine store, where they can enjoy degustations or focus on business matters. The magical hotel café and lobby seem to have been made for unconventional meetings. For larger groups, the next-door conference centre in the Eco park hotel is also available. Hotel privatisation is available upon request.


DESSERT – The extras

One of the highlights has to be the wine cellar which also has a separate spirits and liqour section. The guided tours are led by an experienced sommelier.



During our stay, the meticulous eye of our Hidden Guest assessor did not encounter any unpleasant surprises.


Digital detox stands for no mobile phones, TVs, Wi-Fi or electronic disturbances. The core of the hotel is the excellent cuisine, kind staff and the feeling of homeliness. The whole package is priceless.


With Sunrose 7, Bohinj has become a serious incentive destination capable of hosting even the most difficult boutique events. The hotel’s MICE team certainly won’t shy away from high-end clients now and more opportunities are opening in combination with their big brother, Bohinj Eco Park Hotel. With its wide array of incentive activities, Bohinj deserves to have such a hotel. Almost overnight, it became a serious competitor to other more notorious Alpine incentive destinations. The environmentally-conscious attitude of the hotel is just the cherry on top. The concept can be felt throughout the hotel, from the energetics to the cuisine. Hidden gems like this can positively transform an entire destination and blow the whistle on unsustainable mass tourism.


FINAL GRADE: 4.95 GOLD Boutique Meeting Hotel 

GOLD final score from 4.81 to 5.00
SILVER final score from 4.61 to 4.80
BRONZE final score from 4.41 to 4.60

OPEN FROM September 2019, Hotel Markeš has been operating here since 1890
MEETINGS STAR Boutique Meeting Hotel
STANDARD Hotel with conference facilities
NUMBER OF ROOMS 18 rooms and suites
INTERNET PRICE228 EUR / Trivago, August 2020
ADDRESS:Sunrose 7
Triglavska cesta 7
4264 Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia
T: +386 (0)41 77 77 78
  • Hotel Library
  • Wine Cellar
  • Private Riverside Garden
  • Unconventional space in the Garden, Wine Cellar and Lobby
  • Lounge Kavarna
  • Bowling in Bohinj ECO Hotel
  • Aquapark & Wellness Bohinj
  • Bohinj MICE team with plenty of incentive ideas
  • Wellness & SPA Zlata vila Bohinj
SPECIALS Details for the soul that make all the difference: a gallery of alpine photographs, historical fragments on the walls, Stanko the deer, black ravens on a black wall, hand-forged hangers.
1. LOCATION 4.96
4. LOBBY5.00
6.  RECEPTION 5.00
7.  HOTEL ROOM 4.99
8.  HOTEL BED 4.97
TOTAL:   4.95

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