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Slovenian researchers, says the Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport, rank among the most prolific authors in Europe and the country has an above-average number of PhD students, with most of them enrolled in Ljubljana. Scientific achievements place Ljubljana among the cities blooming in the national research and innovation strategy. The University of Ljubljana, the oldest and largest of Slovenia’s three public universities, has been providing a nest and force of progress that raises the profile and impact of Slovenian scientific achievements at the international level. This Summer, Ljubljana has been highly visible on the map of science in Slovenia as well as worldwide.

A new milestone in two scientific institutions' joint endeavours

NIB and University of Ljubljana
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The National Institute of Biology (NIB) has joined the University of Ljubljana as an associate member. This associate membership is a new milestone for the two institutions. They will intensify their cooperation in science, joint research programmes, development and teaching in Slovenia and abroad. The university will also support the Biotechnological Hub of the NIB, a major investment into new research infrastructure. At the same time, the Ljubljana University’s Incubator, which offers support to start-ups, and the incubator of the NIB’s Biotechnological Hub will jointly support new biotechnological companies.

Ljubljana's molecular scientist among the world's best

Gregor Anderluh NIC
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Prof. Dr. Gregor Anderluh, director of the National Institute of Chemistry, located in Ljubljana, was named a new member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). EMBO is the most reputable organization in the field of life sciences in Europe and the world. Membership in EMBO is considered prestigious, as it represents an extremely important international recognition and at the same time a tribute to the outstanding achievements of an individual researcher. EMBO unites more than 1,800 leading global scientists, including 88 Nobel laureates, with the lifetime honour of EMBO Membership in recognition of their remarkable achievements based on scientific excellence and pioneering research. Prof. Dr. Anderluh works as a researcher at the Institute’s Department of Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology, with a specialisation in protein-membrane interactions.

Slovenia's scientists with an open access to cutting-edge research with neutrons

National Institute of Chemistry Ljubljana Slovenia
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However, this was not the only prestigious and delightful news from the National Institue of Chemistry (NIC), this Summer. NIC, the research facility based in Slovenia’s capital, joined the world’s flagship neutron science facility, the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL). This Scientific Membership is opening the door for Slovenia’s scientists and industry to cutting-edge research with neutrons, to drive innovation and tackle global challenges. Slovenian scientists and businesses will now have direct access to the most powerful neutron source in use worldwide.

Prof Gregor Anderluh, Director of the National Institute of Chemistry, said “Membership of the ILL will provide unprecedented opportunities for the scientific community in Slovenia to participate in European research efforts, and contribute to world-leading research in vital areas such as chemistry, energy, health, and engineering. We are very excited to facilitate what will be a stimulating partnership between Slovenia and the ILL. The world-class instruments and expertise at the ILL offers great potential to enhance the innovation and discovery being driven by Slovenian researchers. It may also reveal new possibilities for the community to address both local and global challenges through novel collaborations and cutting-edge science.”

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