A guidebook to producing compelling virtual experience

In the past few months, a lot of small meetings became webinars and a few societies staged their first virtual conferences. Online and in-person events have common elements, as well as many different strengths and weaknesses.


Creating a virtual congress is as complex as staging a face-to-face one, and it needs a similar mix of essential features, including working with a professional conference organiser (PCO), selecting a (virtual) venue, and delivering a well-thought-out experience. This white paper is designed to guide associations in building compelling virtual experiences.

While restrictions remain in place, we will continue to explore the evolution of online meetings and demystify the notion of a virtual conference. Is it something as simple as a giant Zoom call, or does it entail more than that? Can simply renting a platform solve it all? And what is the purpose of event planners now?

Read the full white paper here.