Calabria, one of the Italian regions which most efficiently carried out their post-lockdown promotion, and not by chance one of the top destinations during last summer, hits another home run. After celebrating the beginning of its rebirth with last June’s Undiscovered Italy Tour, which had a wide echo around the world, it now hosts a new delegation of event-wedding planners as well as a selection of specializing journalists from Monday 21 to Thursday 24 September under the same format, Undiscovered Italy Tour, conceived and created by Daniela Corti Events with the patronage of Enit (the Italian tourism board). Now in its third edition, the initiative is, as always, carried out in collaboration with Canadian Tour Operator Susan Barone of Luxury Weddings Worldwide and InStyle Vacations.

Calabria: the reasons for the success

A study by Eurispes Calabria analyzed the data on tourist flows provided by CNA Turismo on its members. The ranking of the most visited regions of Italy, prepared on the basis of the reservations for the month of August, certifies that Calabria jumped into the top five of the most visited regions in Italy in summer 2020, preceded by Apulia, Tuscany, Sicily and Sardinia.

This fifth place is definitely not surprising, considering the efforts made by local operators both to promote themselves and to highlight the extraordinary landscape beauties of the area – a territory that the Italians have proved to love and appreciate for what it is: one of the most beautiful natural palettes of colours, beaches, sea, hills and mountains on earth.

September 2020 Undiscovered Italy Tour – the program
The group will be based at the beautiful Uliveto Principessa Park Hotel in Cittanova (province of Reggio Calabria) and then will move to: Serra San Bruno (province of Vibo Valentia), with a visit to the Certosa and an introduction to the wonderful typical spontaneous products (porcini mushrooms); the stone city of Zungri (province of Vibo Valentia as well) for a tasting of pecorino cheese from Monte Poro; Reggio Calabria, with a visit to the Castello degli Dei, the National Archaeological Museum, the Museo del Bergamotto and the L’A Gourmet L’Accademia of famous chef Filippo Cogliandro.


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