Tallinn is aiming to become the global front-runner for smart city solutions and to further this objective; the city has put emphasis in supporting a number of innovative international events as well as launched a unique project named Tallinnovations. The project sees Tallinn as a testing ground for innovative urban solutions from around the world.

Innovative technologies are already becoming a staple in the capital of Estonia. Package delivery robots have been driving around the streets of Tallinn for years and the city is testing driverless buses, which can be seen in various areas in Tallinn.

Tallinn dashboard is another great tool that collects online data from various databases and displays this in on one website. The dashboard provides recent statistics, traffic info and news.


To promote innovation, Tallinn also organises or supports various tech and innovation events, for example the annual Tallinn Innovation Forum – MELT, an international conference and showcase event, which brings together innovation experts from various fields and provides them with a platform to share their experiences with the audience. Other notable events Tallinn supports include Robotex International, Latitude 59 and the annual e-Governance conference.

If you are feeling inspired to organise a virtual, hybrid or live event in Tallinn, or simply wish to find out more about what the city has to offer, contact Tallinn Convention Bureau.