Photo Credit: India Association Congress

India Association Congress is excited to announce that its 8th annual conference will be held virtually on October 9th, 2020. In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the summit has been moved to the virtual format to ensure the safety of attendees. Under this year’s theme: ‘Facing the Future – Together’, the online conference will provide associations and industry leaders with an opportunity to network with professionals from around the world and exchange ideas and strategy to better manage the pandemic’s impact on events and exhibitions.

Key speakers from associations and industry bodies around the world will be addressing the conference, sharing insights, personal views and information on how collaboration can help tackle the difficulties arising from the pandemic.

In addition, speakers will also be addressing variations on the theme such as the prospects of association business models post COVID, updates on global exhibitions and business events in these times of uncertainty, opinions and suggestions on gearing up for the future and getting ready for a safe relaunch.

Elaborating on the theme for this year, Prasant Saha, CEO, Chairman of the IAC, said: “Traditional models that have sustained the growth of associations over the last century are being challenged by the disruption occurring today. Associations must now respond to these adjustments with proactive strategies. This conference would allow us to initiate a dialogue and work towards effecting change.”

Photo Credit: Exhibition Showcase

Registrations to the conference are currently in progress and the event is complimentary to all valid association representatives. Register here:

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