Photo Credit: MICE Quito

Quito Tourism Board, the MICE division, and the Convention Bureaus of Bogota, Buenos Aires, Lima, and Sao Paulo announced a regional MICE Alliance to create joint promotion and marketing strategies that would accelerate the tourism recovery and re-build the MICE industry in the region.

The tourism industry has been heavily hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and measures were taken by all the countries to contain its spread. This unprecedented time has given the industry the opportunity to re-think and adapt to the new normal.

According to the statistics, before the Coronavirus outbreak, Central and South America were considered the region with the highest growth in the meetings industry, reaching 2.6%. Today, the South America MICE Alliance aims to reach the forecasted growth through joint efforts of these top meeting destinations.

Carla Cárdenas

Quito Tourism Board´s General Manager

“The South America MICE Alliance is an example of how different cities with the same goal can work together and have great benefits for all the members. This is an opportunity for everyone to gain new insights and expertise, the resources will be used more efficiently, and we have a better chance to succeed in re-connecting vital industry relationships to kickstart the event business recovery. Together we can show to domestic and international clients that the region is stronger and more committed and prepared than ever to restore the traveller´s and meeting planners’ confidence, adapting our working conditions and tourism-related businesses to the new normal to mitigate any health risks” declared Carla Cárdenas, Quito Tourism Board´s General Manager.

Photo Credit: Creative Tourism Network

The alliance is structured around 3 main pillars:

Pillar 1: Share updated market information, biosafety protocols, and other information crucial for the creation of a regional joint strategy.
Pillar 2: Coordinated marketing and promotion strategies.
Pillar 3: Exchange of leads and successful past event information that can be used by the other members of the Alliance.

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