Photo Credit: Cubic Circle Circus

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global event industry has come to a complete standstill. As of today, nobody can say when the industry will return to normal. A German think tank with professionals from the event industry is now presenting a solution for the safe implementation of a wide variety of event formats: the Cubic Circle Circus. A nice side effect of the mobile and multimedia equipped location: all visitors sit in the front row.

It doesn’t work doesn’t exist and what doesn’t fit is made to fit. This is what the makers and visionaries behind the German think tank thought and constructed a mobile high-tech event location that meets the requirements of the corona pandemic, allows 100% visitor utilization and at the same time enables completely new event formats.

The result is impressive: The basis of the Cubic Circle Circus is formed by 120 modified high-cube containers functioning as separate boxes for up to 720guests. The octahedral arrangement creates a playing area of 820 square meters (8.826 sqft.) in the interior. All boxes have a clear field of vision and give the spectators a magnificent all-round view of the arena. This means that a spectacular arena is also available in the post-Corona era, which is unique in the world.

Photo Credit: Cubic Circle Circus

Technologically, the location-independent plug & play module is equipped with all conceivable features and, in addition to the live aspect, also allows the smooth implementation of omnichannel events. In addition to the mandatory technology such as light and sound, the needs of the event industry are also met by technologies such as augmented reality, Multiview, virtual studio or hybrid.

Sven Hansen from Event Safety Consult, who is responsible at the think tank for the security and infection protection concept and the respective local approval implementation:

“During the planning, it was important to us that visitors and organizers have a good and safe feeling again when they visit or plan a live event. In the Cubic Circle Circus, congresses, sports events, cultural and educational events, corporate events, fashion shows and hybrid events can take place in compliance with all applicable infection protection guidelines. The format is designed to fulfil the highest standards currently on the market so that it can be adapted supra-regionally to the applicable legal requirements and thus implemented in terms of approval.”

Wolfgang Rickert from WRCK, visionary and one of the think tank head: “We are sure that with the Cubic Circle Circus we have designed the ideal solution for our industry. At least you can enjoy events live again without it feeling “wrong”. In addition, all guests sit in the front row and the organizers can use state-of-the-art technologies wherever they want. I am not aware of anything comparable. “

Incidentally, the Cubic Circle Circus is encased by a 1,800 square meter (19.374 sqft.) Mesh LED wall, which can be played 360 degrees with any conceivable content and even using smartphones. This is one of the largest 360 ° LED surfaces in the world.

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