Photo Credit: Visit Stockholm

Stockholm has a good reputation as being a leader at the forefront of environmental and sustainability issues. However, the good work is not always reflected in international rankings. Sustainable Meet Stockholm, a new collaboration and marketing project, wants to change that by putting Stockholm on the map as the top destination for sustainable meetings.

Sustainable Meet Stockholm’s mission is to gather the hospitality industry around a common communication platform in order to jointly lift and develop Stockholm as a sustainable meeting destination on the international market. The idea is to work together to better visualize sustainable alternatives for the customer and strengthen the industry’s collective business.


“Demand from international MICE organizers for sustainable meetings is increasing and there is a great value in collaboration within the hospitality industry to strengthen Stockholm as a sustainable meeting destination and to make our products more visible,” says Carina Hiller, one of the project’s initiators.

“There is a great focus on environmental and climate issues today, and rightly so. Although, as important as it is to work with a reduced climate impact, it is equally important to take responsibility for social and economic issues. That is, for operations to contribute to a fair, equitable and open society and contribute to a better world, locally and globally” says Hanna Anfelter, the project’s sustainability manager.

“Together with many quality partners, the goal is to create a strong and sustainable meeting industry through long-term collaboration,” says Christina Guggenberger, who, together with Carina Hiller and Hanna Anfelter, runs the project.

Much is already being done today, and Stockholm has a strong position linked to sustainability, but when the customer goes to choose the right suppliers to organize a sustainable meeting, it becomes more difficult. Sustainability is a key issue in the meeting industry and an important competitive factor. However, sustainability tends to be equated with the environment, especially given the prevailing climate debate.

The project is a private initiative and is run by the hospitality industry with Visit Stockholm and Visit Sweden USA as strategic partners. Launched in February 2020, the first year’s focus is to show partners’ products during a fam tour, further build a digital platform and offer sustainability training. An important part is that everyone in the project wants to gain knowledge about how they can do better, develop tools and be inspired and learn from each other and the outside world.

To learn more, go to Sustainable Meet Stockholm.