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“With ideas and mutual cooperation, we prepared the ITAPA 2020 Congress in an environment in which the virus stood no chance”

The International ITAPA Congress took place in Bratislava at the Crowne Plaza Bratislava Hotel from 7th to 9th December in the classic in-person form. The event was organised in line with the restrictions and regulations for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The ITAPA Congress proved that technological innovation and responsible citizens can defeat even the threat of the coronavirus. The event focused on digitalisation, hybrid events in the future, cybersecurity, digital healthcare, and cities of the future. The fight against hoaxes and cybersecurity is a topic that is gaining momentum in crises and was discussed in detail. The attendees of the event were asked what problems Slovakia is facing in this regard and what is the security strategy for the future.

The crisis associated with the spread of COVID-19 has fully exposed our weaknesses. However, it has proved to be an opportunity for Slovakia. At ITAPA, participants got acquainted with the latest trends, key information and innovative projects that have taken place in Slovakia and Bratislava.

As part of its first day, ITAPA hosted a separate stream of interesting discussions and presentations on how to develop Slovak healthcare. The attendees delved into data, innovation, public health, prevention and predictive methods, artificial intelligence, but also how to reasonably invest the billions that Slovakia will receive from the European Commission. The new topics and formats were part of the first day of the ITAPA 2020 congress called Digital Talks.

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Defence against the virus

The ITAPA Congress had several defensive perimeters to guarantee a safe environment. First of all, only tested participants who were symptom-free could attend the event itself. Technical restrictions created an internal environment free of viruses. The last line of defence was personal protection. The congress venue was regularly disinfected, and saturation was at the level that is worst for the virus. The Dry Fog Humidification used is made up of Dezanol, an electrolysis-treated solution of salt water that is harmless to humans, but eliminates viruses. Dry Fog Humidification was used at the entrance areas, at check-in, as well as in the foyer in front of the lecture halls. It is a product of Slovak ingenuity, prepared for the event by Realtime Technologies SK, s. .o.

Furthermore, the ITAPA Congress used high-tech technology for defence against COVID-19. ActivePure® is NASA’s patented technology used to maintain a sterile environment on the International Space Station. The technology both filtered and purified the air of the venue. The principle of photocatalytic oxidation creates special molecules – strong oxidants that neutralize all pathogens, including coronavirus. Thanks to ActivePure®, the device is literally surrounded by an invisible molecular shield that protects it even when it meets an infected person. The innovative technology is completely harmless to humans, but also to plants.

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Complete disinfection of the surfaces of the premises was ensured, both before and during the event. Disinfection in common areas was also provided by ActivePure® technology, which has the ability to eliminate up to 99.98% of pathogens on all surfaces. Microphones were also disinfected after each use.

Personal Protection Mask

The masks which were used at the event neutralized all viruses. All participants received a respirator, which not only filters the air but also neutralizes odours due to the active angle. The basis is nanofibers, which filter out up to 99.9% of viruses.The FFP2 RespiPro Carbon respirator for ITAPA participants was provided by Respilon.

In 2019, more than 1,100 direct participants and more than 6,000 online participants attended the ITAPA event. More than 180 inspirational speakers presented the latest IT trends, best practices, innovations and strategies.

Find out more about the ITAPA Congress here.

This article was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.


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