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Turkey, ready to re-motivate & re-inspire...

MEP Family, with over 43 years in the industry is very well-aware that designing an incentive trip is more about a mindset as opposed to logistics. A mindset that focuses on building an emotional connection, that aims to foster the bond between a company and employee, and which hopes to energize productivity better than any cash reward.

Turkey has been a top tourist destination for 5 decades now, however, MEP Family also knows oh-so-well that this country offers so much that is yet to be discovered and experienced.

With MEP Touch, their exclusively experiential mindset, they can bring Turkey to life with ideas that incentivize and excite.

Photo Credit: MEP Destination Business Solutions

Pro-tip 1: Dive Deeper to do ‘touristy sites’ differently!

You might think that Istanbul has been done and re-done, but we take you on a journey below sea-level and high above the old citadel to satisfy the adventurer in our souls.

Istanbul’s famed underground is not limited to its famed cisterns. One can visit the ruins of Eastern Roman palaces, learn about the buried churches underneath Topkapı Palace, and walk the tunnels which crossed continents in the mud.

The renovated Byzantine Palaces on Constantinople’s mighty city walls offer a great start to any discovery. From dungeons to aqueducts, observation towers to vegetable gardens, these walls hold many secrets and adventures (ripe for hosting private events!)

Photo Credit: MEP Destination Business Solutions

Pro-tip 2: Countryside is the new normal!

The post-pandemic normal will dictate more outdoors and secluded experiences for all of us. And while Istanbul should be a part of any venture to Turkey, there are many destinations nearby to combine Istanbul (or other large Turkish cities like İzmir) with.

From traditional oil-wrestling experiences to millennia-old endemic wines to taste, Turkey’s European part – ancient Thrace – is ideal for incentive experiences. Whether staying at glamping or luxurious facilities, eating at private picnics or farm to table outlets, groups can enjoy uniquely Turkish experiences in the safety of seclusion and abundance of oxygen.

Photo Credit: MEP Destination Business Solutions

Pro-tip 3: Mix business with pleasure!

Turkish Riviera is heavenly, no further words are necessary. And we see it becoming ever more appropriate for what we call MICE Retreats, smaller groups of teams (with perhaps many more attending virtually via our hybrid event capabilities) coming together for intimate getaways.

A blue voyage in traditional Turkish ‘gulets’ can be an ideal setting for an incentive trip. The coastline offers plenty of experiences to appreciate as a group, from hikes that end with a visit to the house of the original Santa Claus (St. Nicholas of Myra), or surprise barbeques among the antique ruins. Meditative team-building sessions can be hosted on beaches where caretta carettas lay their eggs and valleys adorned with antique tombs.

Seasonal/regional harvest at local & sustainable farms (like Bodrum tangerines, lavenders, mushrooms, and olives even from 3200-year-old trees) can be a great option to engage local communities as a part of corporate social responsibility projects.

Once the pandemic is over, be sure to give old-favourites like Turkey another chance – they are ripe with incentive ideas!

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