Photo Credit: Photo Library @ Ljubljana Tourism, Janez Kotar Photography

Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, which was in 2016 named the European Green Capital and which is constantly ranking among top greenest cities of the world, has once again been ranked among the world’s best. This time by the Lonely Planet which states that »Our global cities are synonymous with innovation and all things cutting edge – yet as some of the world’s worst polluters, they’re far from future-proof when it comes to climate change.« Hence, it highlights the cities that are not just being devoted to sustainable future for people and the planet just in theory, but can also make their busy urban centers really go green. Ljubljana is one of them.

Lonely Planet points out Ljubljana’s extreme cleanliness and its increasing green character: »streets are washed with rain and recycled water; over 10 hectares of the city center are pedestrianized; and new cutting-edge waste managemetn systems mean the city sends 80% less waste to landfill than it did in 2008 – with the goal to reduce that to just 60kg per person per year by 2025.«

The most acclaimed travel magazine continues its argument for Ljubljana’s qualification among the 8 most sustainable cities in the world with its committment as the first European city towards a zero-waste goal. Additional praise Lonely Planet gives to Ljubljana’s waste management company Voka Snaga that operates a zero-waste vending machine selling organic cleaning products, shampoos, vinegar and oil to customers who bring their own reusable packaging. The article also acknowledges the store Rifuzl that expands the offering with its ‘no-packaging’ approach.

Other cities that are included on the Lonely Planet’s list of the most sustainable cities in the world are: Copenhagen in Denmark, Portland in Oregon (US), Singapore in the Republic of Singapore, Lisbon in Portugal, Bengaluru in India, Vancouver in Canada, and San Francisco in California (US).

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