The MICE sales process is very complex and demanding. Impulsive purchases are very rare, therefore marketing sales campaigns need to be thoroughly considered and calibrated. The corona crisis has shuffled the cards when it comes to sales, so we decided to ask meeting planners for their opinion on the matter.

In our 10th survey, we dive deep into sales activities, digital sales channels, social media, the most effective B2B trade shows, the biggest challenges in terms of marketing in 2021 and much more. The results of the survey are now available for download.


Almost half of the respondents believe that we will return to old ways in sales. The share of those who do not believe in this is also surprisingly high. This is proof that there we will definitely witness big changes in this area.

74% of respondents agree that selling via remote means (online, tele, video) is NOT as effective as selling face-to-face.

The majority of respondents have increased efforts in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Webinars. Over 60% say that Linkedin has proven to be the most effective channel for their brand.


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Results of the 10th survey are included in Kongres Magazine’s full survey collection, which you can download using the link below.

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