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Hygiene Safety Guidelines

Business events have had a positive economic and social impact on Tokyo by attracting researchers and business people worldwide and created new opportunities and innovation. However, due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), many in-person business events have been cancelled or postponed, and the environment for business event activities have changed significantly.

In response to this new environment, there has been an expansion of online business events, making full use of the latest technology. While online conferences provide face-to-face academic learning opportunities, they do not fully enable person-to-person networking opportunities or business interaction. Thus, more and more organizers and participants are voicing that virtual events will not wholly replace in-person business event activities and that in-person business events are essential.

It is encouraging to see that both in Japan and overseas, organizers are gradually resuming hosting in-person business events. When resuming business event activities, it is most important to create an environment where in-person events are held while reducing infection risk. Business Events Tokyo have prepared the “Hygiene Safety Guidelines -Holding a Successful Business Event in Tokyo” to support meeting organizers hold a safe and secure business event in Tokyo.

Photo Credit: Canva Pro/Pexels

The national government has eased its regulation on the maximum capacity and number of participants allowed at event venues for meetings where the audience is seated facing one direction, and there is limited talking and cheering from the audience. On the other hand, social distancing, which is medically proven to reduce the risk of infection, also gives people a sense of security.

This document, based on medical advice from professionals in the infectious disease field, provides a blueprint for organizers to use throughout each step of the event planning, implementation, and post-event process. The organisation has touched on the necessary measures, precautions, sample floor layouts, the importance of ventilation, and the utilization of the latest technology to refer to for each stage. They also addressed the importance of safety information communication, especially for overseas delegates. Finally, they have provided information on some of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

You can read the Hygiene Safety Guidelines below or you can head over to Business Events Tokyo website and find out more about Tokyo. 

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