Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

Whenever I started to work on challenging events in the past months, I insisted on the use of a professional studio. There are several reasons for this; the main one being that by using tools such as Zoom or Webex from home, you simply cannot execute a professional event on a high technical level. I advocate the use of professional studios and recommend them to my clients. Improvisation can quickly lead to an average or even a poorly executed event. I have gathered ten, in my opinion, key reasons why it is worth investing in hiring a studio.

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek


1. Focus on content
You can entirely devote yourself to the content, while the technical team takes care of the details, which otherwise occupy much of your time. Switching between speakers, transitions between presentations and all that usually drives one mad, is in the hand of professionals in a studio.

2. Fast video broadcast
A studio ensures a fast internet connection, which is the basis for good video streaming. Studio connection is much faster than your connection at home or office and usually work at a minimum rate of 400 Mbps.

3. TV-quality broadcast
A studio offers several professional cameras with a 1080p resolution. Hence, a studio will provide your event with the dynamics of TV production, and the quality of a professional TV stream.

4. Connectivity with video conferencing platforms
The majority of studios ensure video broadcast to popular video conferencing platforms such as Facebook Live, Linkedin Live or Vimeo. The speakers can tune in from Zoom, ClickMeeting, Webex, MSTeams etc.

5. Virtual stage with LED screen
The LED screen can significantly improve the visual aspect of your event. That goes particularly for hybrid events, where you conjure a fantastic atmosphere on both sides of the screen. The LED screen also enables 2D and 3D animations, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek
6. Programme equipment for video broadcast
Most studios ensure professional programme equipment for video managing. The most commonly used one is vMIX, while the majority also supports alternative solutions, including 3D animation and various tools for interacting with participants.

7. Video production and post-production
A professional team takes care of video production, which can be at a later date used for promotion or selling content via your channels. They take care of graphic and sound equipment, jingle and everything else considered professional production of content.

8. Excellent video and sound
Essential for professional studio teams are the sound and light engineers alongside video experts. Without them, a professional digital event simply could not function. They make sure that the venue is suitably illuminated and more importantly, make sure that the most problematic part of all online conferences – good sound, is taken care of.

9. Style makeover
A professional studio offers appropriate scenography to suit your needs. A style makeover is tailored to the needs of both your event and brand. A great studio will provide anything from an industrial, vintage, modernistic to a minimalistic style.

10. Professional team
Experience in the field of multimedia is a crucial reason to engage a professional studio. Check your references, and double-check who will be in charge of your event. A verified team is a key to success.

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

For what purposes can you use a studio?

– Conferences, congresses, roundtables and symposiums
– Product or service launch
– Gala celebrations or award ceremonies
– Broadcast of concerts or other cultural events
– Videocast streaming

Photo Credit: Marko Delbello Ocepek

In agreement with the studio, next to what is mentioned above, you will be able to purchase services such as:

– creating a unified image of the event
– creating a programme design of the event
– creating an event’s scenario
– event moderation

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