Interview with Mary Kirillova, Managing Director at Baltic-Nordic Event Forum. Mary Kirillova is the CEO at Baltic Event Industry Club, The Pan-Baltic association of event professionals. In 2016, Mary launched the first Baltic-Nordic Event Forum ( organized for event agencies and corporates in the Baltic Sea Region. In just two years, Baltic For Events became a distinguished face to face event for more than 400 event professionals and live communication leaders.

“Movement is better than stagnation. Support is priceless.”

Q: What do you desire the most at the moment?

To go back to LIVE events.

Q: Why do you love organising events?

Events are my passion. I believe they are the most intellectual, emotional and valuable channel to deliver any kind of information. This instrument in people’s communication is indispensable. As for me, I love to put people together. I’m not talking only about event participants, but also about suppliers, artists, speakers… If an event is successful it gives so much energy and opens so many new opportunities. No online event can be compared to that.

Q: Can you present the tool or app you use the most during the corona crisis?

Facebook. I’m old-fashioned.


Q: How would you explain to a client why organising events is essential?

Events now are essential. Nowadays, when life is moving so fast, it is so easy to lose connection, be forgotten and lose customers’ confidence. Events have always been the best tool for building brand loyalty and trust. They are the strongest instrument in such difficult times. Movement is better than stagnation. Support is priceless.

Q: Is it easier to organise digital or live events?

These are 2 different incomparable planets. The key difference is – live events have magic, online events have reasons.

Q: Is organising digital events cheaper than organising classic events?

It depends on modern platforms and your budget. You can spend 50k on a live event and 500k for an online one and vice versa. But in my opinion, online events are still a little bit cheaper.


“I think the event industry will finally become independent”

Q: If the future of the meetings industry will be green, where do we start?

We will start with ideas – as always. Ideas and thoughts on event safety will be top-topics in 2021.

Q: What will be the key trait of a great event organiser after the corona crisis?

Different formats. Play with hybridity. Making online participants feel as if they were there for real.

Q: What is your view of the future? Where is the meetings industry headed?

I think the event industry will finally separate itself from exhibitions, tourism and culture. It will finally become independent.

Q: What is the most surprising fact about organising events?

The human factor.


Q: High Tech or High Touch?

High Tech Touch.