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Moments of change and innovation

There have never been harder times for the travel and event industry in recent history than during the corona pandemic, which has been going on since March 2020. The end has been in sight since the vaccination began, but it may be a long time before the industry will find a situation like it was before the crisis.

As in other industries, times of crisis are the moments of change and innovation. Unfortunately, many actors are disappearing from the scene, others are recognizing new opportunities through cooperation, among other things. In some cases, these arise out of necessity, but some collaborations are indispensable and one wonders why it needed a crisis for it.

The same thing happened to the two agencies RENT-A-RESORT GmbH and bo events, whose managing directors have known each other for several years from various global events. They always talked about working together, but it never became concrete until the pandemic. Why should it? Business was going well for both of them!

Photo Credit: bo events

RENT-A-RESORT, which won the Global Hospitality Award in 2020, has been the only hotel broker that has specialized in exclusive rentals of hotels and resorts since 2016. The service consists of arranging privatized hotels or resorts for all kinds of events – from company events to weddings. A selection of the offer can be found in the RENT-A-RESORT COLLECTION, whereby individual research is started for each request in order to find the best possible “buyout” for the corresponding event. During the Corona-crisis the Venue Finder expanded its range and included private islands – it is hard to imagine more effective isolation from the pandemic.

bo events has been active on the international event market since 2009 and is a full-service agency out of passion and conviction. Originally, exclusive worldwide car launches and roadshows for German premium brands were the agency’s core business. The program changed over the years. Since 2015 the agency has been divided into two business divisions – on the one hand, international incentives, on the other hand, local green events, team events and trainings. By combining both divisions in-house, unique events can be created. From a cosy get-together to special CSR arrangements to the eventful 24/7 full program – the bo events team knows from their own experience that a shared experience releases undreamt-of energies and raises the motivation and appreciation of each participant to a new level.

How did the cooperation finally come about?

On a grey November day 2020, Andrew Bojarski from bo events and Daniel Rudolf from RENT-A-RESORT had arranged a winter outdoor meeting (one of bo events’ popular experiences for companies during the pandemic) on the water. After two hours on kayaks in the icy cold, this resulted in a battle plan to get out of the crisis together. Both agencies offer modules that actually cannot do without the other. A customer needs a hotel or resort (preferably exclusive!) and would like to host a professional event there. Together with other partners, both companies are now able to cover the entire spectrum worldwide. A customer only needs one contact person here – assumed he wants it that way. It is to be hoped for the industry that all players hold out and stick together! The end of the tunnel is in sight, but tunnels can be long and dark!

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