We are all optimistically looking forward to the end of the crisis that, at least according to most, vaccination brings. However, there are still many open questions that we want to address and thus help you exit the crisis.

The main question that we wanted to answer in the 12th survey was which approach will meeting planners choose for their future events – HIGH TECH (digital event solutions, focus on innovative technology) or HIGH TOUCH (live event solutions, focus on all human senses and emotions). We also looked at the main reasons for attending digital events, the most commonly used live streaming software, the biggest obstacles for resuming events and more.

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… and find out when Kongres Magazine’s readers expect to attend a live event again, who they trust the most to organise their next event and what types of innovation they expect from destinations after Covid 19.


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Ever since the epidemic started, the editorial board of Kongres Magazine has been carrying out in-depth research on the impacts of COVID-19 for the meeting industry, studying the ever-changing needs and expectations of meeting planners.

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