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Ahead of the launch of OnAIR v5 the revolutionary new version of the OnAIR virtual and hybrid event solution created by EventsAIR, the company hosted three online bootcamps on 25 March in the APAC, EMEA and Americas regions. These bootcamps gave more than 1,000 event planners a taste of the incredibly immersive and powerful 3D virtual event environment within OnAIR v5.

Attendees Enjoyed a 90-Minute Hands-On Preview into The Latest OnAIR Technology

During the 90-minute bootcamps, attendees were given access to a 3D mode-enabled sandbox version of the state-of-the-art software, where they were shown the basics of creating and configuring each aspect of a 3D OnAIR event.

An audiovisual presentation delivered via the OnAIR portal during the bootcamps took attendees on a journey through the software, starting with an introduction to the user-friendly, drag-and-drop 3D Builder. They were then given the opportunity to get hands-on and create their own 3D virtual event environments starting with the realistic conference building exterior and sign-in process.

Designing a Truly Bespoke and Interactive Event Lobby is Easy

The first step on the event journey is the event lobby where attendees spend a few moments setting up their AIRTouch Personal Devices. These act as virtual tablets that serve as a compass to navigate through the event. Guests can use them to create their own journey and interact with the 3D world.

The event lobby is fully customizable and event planners were shown how to add videos, clickable links, scrolling schedules, and personalized welcome messages. The next stop was the auditorium lobby which can be customized with sponsor advertising, session schedules, clickable information links, and more.

Photo Credit: EventsAIR

Creating Function Rooms, Session Auditoriums, and Breakout Rooms with Their Own Scenes

Event auditoriums, function rooms, and breakout rooms can be styled using 3D scenes to suit the theme of the conference. For example, bootcamp attendees were able to select themes (scenes) from the builtin gallery or use their own 3D images to create truly bespoke interactive 3D environments to engage audiences. This is easy to do using the drag-and-drop 3D Builder. Attendees played around with adding sponsor advertising, branding and clickable links to exit the auditorium or to visit sponsor websites.

Exploring and Customizing the 3D Exhibition Hall and Stands

Bootcamp attendees had the chance to customize their exhibition halls, including adding sponsor advertising and videos, branding, and setting up a search function to make it easy to find exhibition stands. Attendees learned how to customize exhibition stands to include company names and branding, links to text chats or video meetings, exhibitor presentation rooms and schedules, brochure racks (linked to downloadable brochures), videos and more.

Enhancing Engagement with Custom Scenes

Event planners were shown how to create custom scenes/rooms such as art galleries or caricature rooms. These are great for hybrid events where the artist could be live-streamed from the in-person event.

Overwhelmingly Positive Response

EventsAIR received overwhelmingly positive feedback from event planners at the bootcamps. In particular, they were impressed by how easy it is to set up 3D Mode and use it for all or part of their virtual programs as well as to create sponsor promotion, video displays, signage, and much more.

Some of the many positive comments received included:

– “This is so incredibly easy to design, great work OnAIR team!” said Phil H.

– “This is great, it’s super impressive what you have created here, and I cannot wait to make my first event using OnAIR 3D. Thanks Alec and team,” he added.

– Jennifer B. said, “I am enjoying this, thank you team EventsAIR!”

“Looks like a bunch of fun! Thanks, guys,” said Jennifer S.

– Edmund V. said, “Thank you for this boot camp session!”

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