Photo Credit: Response Room

The open innovation platform Response Room invites all stakeholders within the business event industry to collaboratively work on new projects and to exchange their ideas, knowledge, and experiences with other community members. The latest innovation challenge was brought forward by Sarah Skavron, CMP, DES. The open innovation platform was created by the German Convention Bureau in cooperation with PCMA and IMEX.

Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges are the heart of the Response Room. They’re the place where you can interact with other users and collaboratively solve the industry’s big and small problems of today and tomorrow.

Connecting what needs to come together

Conferences, congresses, and events have a long tradition of promoting political, economic, scientific, and social progress – and this elementary function won’t change anytime soon. However, the way we meet and interact is changing fundamentally. Matthias Schultze, Managing Director of the GCB, has recently contributed to Dr. Peter Borstel’s book “Die Zukunft von Messen, Kongressen und Events” (only available in German) and took a closer look at what he deems essential for future business events. He has shared some of his talking points in their latest blog article.

Future Meeting Space: Latest research results have been published

The Future Meeting Space innovation network has recently concluded 18 months of in-depth research and has published its latest findings on the future role of events in the communications mix of organizations. Findings include that the relevance of events for an organization’s overall communications mix will continue to grow and that the increasingly hybrid set-up of meetings and conferences extends their reach – both from a time and geographical perspective.


Bringing people together at business events enables the exchange of knowledge and ideas, thus leading to progress in economy, science and society as well as strengthening intercultural and interdisciplinary understanding beyond borders. The Response Room offers a source of inspiration, a network of like-minded experts from around the world and a platform to find relevant topics, experts and solutions. The idea of creating the Response Room was developed within the GCB German Convention Bureau and was subsequently turned into reality with the support of its international cooperation partners PCMA and IMEX Group.