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Boutique, five-star experiences bearing the logo of Slovenia Unique Experiences will spice up your events and allow your guests to experience Slovenia’s uniqueness in an unforgettable way.

There are currently 17 Slovenia Unique Experiences, with new being added all the time. They cover different types of experiences, from gastronomy and wine, adventure, nature and outdoor, culture to special overnight possibilities and unique places worth visiting. The products labelled with Slovenia Unique Experience are local, authentic, unique, experiential, boutique, sustainably green, of premium quality. Browse through the selection and choose the one that will serve as the icing on the cake for your next event.

For foodies

Currently, there are 7 Slovenia Unique Experiences that every foodie will be thrilled experiencing. Scattered all around Slovenia, they offer an insight into the rich and diverse gastronomy of Slovenia. From the gastronomic adventure 160 metres below the surface in Velenje (you’ll dine in a mine), vintage gourmet tour that will take you on a journey through Istria’s olive groves, magical journey into the world of herbs, fun&educational day at the Fonda Fish Farm or a tour through the cuisine of Soča Valley… But that’s not it; there are also two tours for wine-lovers: The Intinity Wine Bliss mindful experience set among the charming Goriška Brda rolling hills or the Big guy’s wine highlights with the World’s Oldest wine.

Photo: Slovenian Tourist Board/Suzan Gabrijan

For adventurous souls

Adventurous souls always wanting to be out exploring and experiencing life will be thrilled by a set of adrenaline Slovenia unique experiences that will reveal the country’s most exciting experiences. Be it a unique vertical adrenaline adventure or a hard-helmet tour the famous Postojna Cave. There’s another adventure, which is also set underground: kayaking through the underground of Mount Peca, which hides the flooded tunnels of once the largest lead and zinc mine in this part of Europe.

Photo: Slovenian Tourist Board

For nature lovers

If you want your clients to experience the wild nature of Slovenia, where they can reset their minds and get ready for new challenges, Slovenia Wildlife Break might be the tour you have been looking for. Another great wildlife experience is the tour through the world of the mysterious forests of Kočevje, home to the largest brown bear population and the highest number of primaeval forest remnants in Europe.

Photo: Slovenian Tourist Board, Ciril Jazbec

For culture lovers

Unveil rich culture and history of Slovenia to your guests and take them on a special tour of the Ljubljana Castle or a cycling tour through Ljubljana with a historical pinch, dedicated to three moustached men that greatly influenced the town. Another culture-oriented tour will reveal the story of Soča (Isonzo) Front, which will turn you and your guests into explorers of the raw beauty of this war-time landscape.

Photo: Slovenian Tourist Board

Last but not least: another two great venues to sparkle up your event

Why not take your guests to the Firbas Homestead or Garden Village Bled, where they will enjoy in pristine nature and make some unforgettable memories?

Garden Village Bled, Photo: Slovenian Tourist Board, Ciril Jazbec

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