Transitioning from live to online has never been easier

Communication and socializing through apps has recently been inevitable. However, every type of meeting or event needs its own specific environment and not all platforms or applications are suitable for everything. For example, hosting quick brainstorm sessions or meetings is best done by video conferencing tools (Zoom, MS teams, Google Meet…), as this software has proven vital at this time. But what happens when we want to organize a larger event online or a professional conference that has multiple stages and loads of other content?

This is where Confiva comes in.

Confiva can host various types of events, from concerts to private business meetings. The key to using a professional online environment is to pack it with valuable content. Much as any other environment it is useless if there is no need for it. This is why Confiva offers features based on your needs and customizes them based on your event. There are no limitations in adapting the form of Confiva.

So what are the best ways to make your company more visible or if organizing, what is the most common type of event used to create a maximum effect?

Here are some of the possibilities so you can pin-point the right event to get the right results.

Photo Credit: Confiva

A conference helps businesses or a whole professional field to bring together a wide and varied group of people to share thoughts, knowledge, and ideas in real-time. Conferences are also among the best marketing platforms available for businesses in this digital age because they are convenient and they merge experts and relevant topics in an affordable way.

With internal company events you improve communication, engage employees, and give people who work for the same company, but not in the same location, the opportunity to meet and share ideas. These types of events improve the atmosphere in the company and help to boost productivity and morale.

Press conferences serve to communicate important news or information connected with an organization or company and involve the participation of journalists and representatives of the company/organization. With this kind of event you provide journalists much more information than via press release and allow them to ask questions and arrange interviews.

Congresses are regularly coming together on a representational basis of a bigger number of individuals belonging to a single professional/cultural/religious or other groups, to discuss a particular subject.

• Once a company has developed an idea for a product, tested it in the market, and determined its readiness to launch, you must get out the word about your product and entice people to buy it. With a product launch event, you can generate attention for your company, Increase Revenue, improve company reputation and create an opportunity for new business connections.

Concerts have always been a good marketing tool for companies to boost brand awareness and gather different audiences. If it’s just for the music or a business goal, with the right artists your reach potential is limitless. Unlike physical venues, online platforms do not have a venue capacity.


Did you spot the type of event that you find useful for your business?

If you found the right event for you in this list or even if you want to create something unique, Confiva can do it.

They assign an event manager to every client to assure the maximum potential of the event. As event managers, they understand that having a direct connection for advice and guidance is priceless, especially when adapting to new technology. Sponsor opportunities, personalization, adequate security and a clean user interface are just some of the benefits of creating an event on their platform.