Conventa connected 1,637 meeting planners during the corona crisis

The Conventa Trend Bar project is a series of educational events that travel around cities of New Europe. The Conventa team has been carrying out the project for four consecutive years with the aim of building a professional community through education and networking. During the corona crisis, they virtually connected 1,637 meeting planners at 16 Conventa Trend Bars.

The pandemic further strengthened the organisers’ belief that Conventa Trend Bar is an extremely important project that exceeds the basic mission of the event. The crisis forced them to digitalize their events practically overnight. They swiftly adapted and enhanced their digital events with in-depth market research, carried out for Conventa by Kongres Magazine. Conventa Trend Bars provided meeting planners with an opportunity to discuss the most relevant topics at that time – from challenges in marketing and sales to monetizing digital events and using social media for business. Binding everything together were the numerous practical examples and creative projects from around the world – something that Trend Bars are known for.

“Looking back, we are sincerely proud of all the events we carried out, the ideas we exchanged and the time we spent socializing with colleagues. Since the virus struck, Conventa remained with its partners, looking for solutions for overcoming the crisis, helping out by sharing good practice cases and uncovering new trends.” said Natalija Bah Čad, Exhibitor Manager at Conventa

Take a look at the following list of cities where Conventa wandered during the corona crisis. Only the first Trend bar in Varna was held live, and all the following events were online editions:

  • February 20, 2020 – Trend Bar Varna
  • May 7, 2020 – Trend bar Budva
  • May 14, 2020 – Trend bar Belgrade
  • May 21, 2020 – Trend bar Ljubljana
  • May 28, 2020 – Trend bar Portorož
  • June 04, 2020 – Trend bar Sofia
  • June 11, 2020 – Trend bar Bratislava
  • June 25, 2020 – Trend bar Thessaloniki
  • October 8, 2020 – Trend bar Bled
  • October 22, 2020 – Trend bar Budapest
  • October 29, 2020 – Trend bar Kotor Bay
  • December 3, 2020 – Trend bar Bucharest
  • January 20 – 21, 2021 – Trend bar New Europe 1.0
  • March 18, 2021 – Trend bar Lviv
  • April 8, 2021 – Trend bar Athens
  • May 6, 2021 – Trend bar Carinthia
  • June 10, 2021 – Trend bar Istria
  • July 8, 2021 – Trend Bar New Europe 2.0

The next season of Conventa Trend Bar

Conventa Trend Bar will continue in autumn when hopefully, we won’t be looking at each other through a computer screen anymore. Until then, Conventa has plenty of exciting events in store for you. If you want to host a Conventa Trend Bar in your city, be sure to give them a call.

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After what feels like ages, we will finally meet in person in Ljubljana at the festival of the regional meetings industry. The organisers of Conventa sincerely hope the situation will allow most attendees to participate live, as they believe face2face connections are irreplaceable.

Mark your calendars for Conventa Trade Show, taking place from the 25 to 26 August 2021 at the GR- Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

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