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Dubrovnik is currently hosting the ASTA Destination Expo, an international business event and gathering of the American Association of Travel Advisers (ASTA). The international event has been held since 2006, every year in a different destination in order to familiarise and connect its members with the stakeholders of the tourism industry of the selected destination. The ASTA Destination Expo 2021 is being held in Dubrovnik from June 10th-13th, 2021.

The Croatian organisers of the esteemed event have welcomed 175 attendees, who are members of the association or members of the Croatian tourism industry. The event is both a Trade Show and a B2B workshop. The official event organizer is AmCro Travel amcrotravel.com, and the event’s programme can be found on ASTA’s official website or by clicking here.

“Even though we may work with tour companies in the US, gaining knowledge of what local providers can offer makes a world of difference. We now know who to contact, along with the speciality and quality of services they offer so we can add special touches to customers’ trips matching interests and delivering more assured satisfaction – a winning combination.” – ASTA Destination Expo Attendee

The country of Croatia has undoubtedly become one of the most sought-out countries to visit amongst adventure seekers, beachgoers, foodies, and history lovers. And for those super fans of the HBO series, Game of Thrones, you can check out the real-life locations that have been seen on the show. With so many options to plan a trip, it’s no wonder that Croatia is “Full of Life.” That’s why the ASTA Destination Expo 2021 has chosen the charming city of Dubrovnik for its event.

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