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Up until November, Italian Exhibition Group will be igniting the passion of all sport, fitness and wellness experts and enthusiasts worldwide by bringing international fitness industry companies, sector operators, instructors, gym chains and sports centres together thanks to “IEG WELLNESS NETWORK”, sector-specific trade shows spread over three continents: Asia, Europe and North America: Dubai Muscle Classic and Exercise Professionals Summit, which already took place in February and May, Dubai Muscle Classic Summer Edition (16th-17th July, Dubai), RiminiWellness (24th-26th September, Rimini, Italy), Dubai Muscle Show and Dubai Active (28th-30th October, Dubai), Mexico Active & Sports Expo (25th-27th November, Léon, Guanajuato, Mexico).

And only yesterday, the Mexico Active & Sport Expo press conference was held which, even before it starts, already stands out for its top-class international know-how and expertise. In fact, Mexico Active & Sport Expo, a platform and leading event in Latin America for sector experts and enthusiasts – generated by a maxi joint-venture between two leading trade show organizers, Deutsche Messe, with its subsidiary Hannover Fairs Mexico, and Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) – will be making its debut from 25th to 27th November at the Poliforum Léon in Guanajuato, Mexico.

The experience Hannover Fairs Mexico has gained within the territory unites with the fitness industry knowledge of IEG, which, through its HBG Events, is just back from the recent success of the first edition of Exercise Professionals Summit, two days of talks on the world of fitness that gathered together over 350 professionals at about twenty events, including workshops and seminars, and more than 150 executives and strategic decision-makers from the industry on the second day alone. HBG Events’ portfolio of important fitness trade shows in the Middle East also includes the Dubai Muscle Show and Dubai Active as well as the bodybuilding competition Dubai Muscle Classic and Dubai Muscle Classic Summer Edition.

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In Italy, IEG also organizes RiminiWellness, the big international show specifically for fitness, sport and wellness that will be back at Rimini Expo Centre from 24th to 26th September this year.

With the dual aim of maximizing opportunities and commercial exchange and promoting the sport, open-air activities and a healthier lifestyle in one single, large annual event, Mexico Active & Sport Expo will embrace all the supply chains involved – nutrition, clothing and accessories, fitness, equipment, health and wellbeing, sports and entertainment – and will take place strategically in the beating heart of Mexico, between Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, that is, the city of Léon, in the state of Guanajuato, an area with a population density of 30 million people. León is easily accessible and boasts excellent infrastructure with an international airport and the Poliforum León, one of the world’s largest expo and congress facilities.

Photo Credit: Italian Exhibition Group

Under the spotlights, sector trends accompanied by intense workout sessions: from Zuu Fitness, the high-intensity full body regime based on movements inspired by the animal work, used by the military, top athletes and professional sports teams; the Yoga of sleep and breathing exercises for lowering the stress of daily life, the basis of neuro-anatomy and for fitness experts, and how to apply it practically to training; Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation gymnastics and even kettlebells, the most effective fitness tools on the planet.

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