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Slovakia has recently lifted and eased many of its restrictions, thus enabling foreign travellers to visit Slovakia and, at the same time, allowing meeting planners to start organising events once again. Furthermore, the Slovakian government has recently approved a traffic light system for travelling that has divided the countries into tiers.

The cabinet approved the new traffic light system for travelling that divides the countries across the globe into three tiers based on the risk of infection. On the one hand, it will inform travellers about the dangers of being infected with Covid in other countries, while on the other, it will set self-isolation rules for visitors to Slovakia.

“The aim is to enable people to travel abroad relatively safely and to minimise the import of new infections including the new Covid mutations.”

The countries on the list will be divided into the following three tiers:

Green countries (low risk of infection)
– EU member states regardless of their epidemiological situation (there will be a possibility to change the rules if dangerous Covid mutations spread uncontrollably);
– countries with a favourable epidemiological situation.

Red countries (high risk of infection)
– Countries with an unfavourable epidemiological situation where:
– the 14-day infection rate is higher than 50 per 100,000 inhabitants or the epidemiological situation worsens quickly;
– there are no Covid variants other than the British strain.

Black countries (“no go” zone, travelling not recommended)
– countries with dangerous Covid variants other than the British strain;
– countries with unavailable, untrustworthy or low-quality data.
– The list will be updated once every two weeks, following the recommendations of the Public Health Authority (ÚVZ) which will cooperate with the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Interior Ministry.

The list of green, red and black countries together with the rules for travelling to Slovakia are regularly updated at:

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The majority of Slovakia has been enjoying more relaxed anti-epidemic measures since May 31. Bratislava is currently at Degree of Alert I (yellow) of COVID automat. Its actual situation and current colour in the COVID automat is always updated at:

For mass events with a seated audience, the limit for events held inside is 50 per cent of the available capacity, with the limit set at 250 people. On the other hand, outdoor events’ capacity has been increased to 75 per cent of the available capacity, but for no more than 500 people. For a standing audience, the limits are 100 people inside and 250 outside. For weddings, funerals, and parties, the limits are 100 people inside and 250 outside. Bratislava has thus become one of the first European countries to restart its meetings industry.

The currently valid restrictions based on colours of the COVID automat are listed at:

Useful information about COVID-19 measures
Photo credit: Bratislava CVB

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