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From 21 to 28 June, Zagreb will host a series of thematic meetings and events – Zagreb Digital Nomad Week – set to take place at various locations across the city.

A special type of business tourism flourished last year during the pandemic. Working from home and worker dislocation have become parts of everyday life. In these conditions, the term ‘digital nomad’ and the associated life and work style have been gaining steam. Self-employed people or workers using digital technologies to do their jobs remotely take the opportunity to explore different countries and destinations by working from there. Seeing the growing numbers of digital nomads worldwide, Croatia has recognized an opportunity to boost its tourism throughout the year and – among the first ten countries in the world – introduced visas for digital nomads valid up to a year.

Zagreb, as a business and technological capital offers plenty of business, social and entertainment contents, which makes it an excellent host for digital nomads. To enable all digital nomads looking to work in Zagreb, as well as those who have already become its temporary residents, to get to know all of its benefits and possibilities, a special event called Zagreb Digital Nomad Week has been set up and will take place from 21 to 27 June at different locations around the city.

Photo Credit: Total Croatia News

Thematic meetings and events citywide

Over the course of the week, seven hot digital nomad topics will be discussed: cybersecurity, virtual attendance, remote career development, tax and finance, the future of labour, wellbeing and exploring Zagreb as the host city. So, in those seven days, digital nomads will have the chance to get to know Zagreb hotels, its coworking spaces, cafes, bars and parks, as well as to feel the city’s atmosphere, quality of life and safety it provides to its inhabitants.

Zagreb Digital Nomad Week 2021 will start at the Canopy by Hilton hotel on 21 June and then move to other partnering locations, including hostels and coworking venues. Friday, 26 June, will bring a different itinerary, which will be available via online streaming. This day is reserved for keynote speakers and interactive meetings where conclusions of the topics discussed from Monday to Friday will be presented and the participants will also have the opportunity to get to know everything about the future of labour and how Croatia is positioned on the global scale. The weekend will be dedicated to relaxation and exploration of the city’s green oases, beautiful natural sites in the surrounding area, with guided tours and a host of wellness services.

Zagreb Digital Nomad Week is organized by Zagreb Tourist Board in cooperation with Saltwater Nomads, Croatian Digital Nomad Association and Total Croatia News. You can find more details on Zagreb Digital Nomad Week on the official website, and additional info on Zagreb’s special offer for digital nomads on the Zagreb Tourist Board website.