“International MICE associations form the foundation and heart of the meetings industry. They stand by us through thick and thin. At the same time, they are an indicator of our industry’s resilience and agility.”

Every year, Kongres Magazine carries out an in-depth survey, gauging the satisfaction with international MICE associations among their members. As the owner of Kongres Magazine, Toleranca Marketing agency was entrusted with the logistics of carrying out the research, which took place from 20 May – 18 June 2021 and engaged 209 association members. Compared to previous years, the number of respondents who are members of international associations has decreased. In 2020, 95.3% of respondents were members of associations, compared to 81.0% this year.

This year, specific questions about the coronavirus crisis were added to the annual survey. With the survey, Kongres wanted to research the role that professional associations took on in the process of overcoming the epidemic, as well as their agility and responsiveness to change.

Findings reveal:

  • Respondents are loyal members of the associations, with 63.8% having been members for more than five years.
  • Respondents marked networking as the main reason for joining the association
  • Respondents remained loyal to the associations even in times of crisis
  • Based on reliability and power of communication during COVID-19, MPI – Meeting Professionals International was ranked at the top
  • 75% of members believe that their association will be able to survive the social and economic impacts of the pandemic

Respondents were also asked to provide suggestions that could help improve the work of associations. Some of the most interesting answers are listed below.

  • Cut costs, decrease the fee… since many members left for financial reasons
  • Better communication with the MICE industry
  • Involve both suppliers and clients in activities
  • Quality before quantity, also for memberships!
  • Keep membership dues affordable and keep education relevant
  • Don’t expand. Focus on your / one specific area
  • Be much more present on the social media
  • Just be completely global and inclusive
  • Stick to experienced and known staff
  • Develop new membership models

Summing up the suggestions was a short and clear answer from one of the respondents; “Be frank, transparent and provide value to your members” With that, the main question still remains: How can associations provide more value to their members during and after the crisis?

The annual survey revealed many concrete actions that associations could take to make their events more valuable and ensure a greater legacy. Download the results of the survey to find out more.

Download the results of the survey...

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Ever since the epidemic started, the editorial board of Kongres Magazine has been carrying out in-depth research on the impacts of COVID-19 for the meeting industry, studying the ever-changing needs and expectations of meeting planners. The results of these surveys are now available for you to download.

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