Last chance to apply with your unicorn!

As the official media partner of Conventa, Kongres Magazine is inviting you to enter the competition that will award the best events in the region – the Conventa Best Event Award. Today, 15 July 2021 is the deadline for registering your event.

Every year Conventa draws attention to excellence in the meetings industry with an award for the best event in ‘New Europe’. The Conventa Best Event Award has been an integral part of the Conventa Crossover conference from the get-go. This year, the competition will be taking place for the 6th year in a row. The intention is to award those events that are not only innovative and creative, but also effective – those that achieve, or even exceed, their long-term communication, marketing, and business aim. The organisers like to call these events, UNICORNS. That’s also why the unicorn trophy has become a legendary staple of the competition.

Why should I apply? you might ask. Well, the Conventa Best Event Award is the only competition of its kind in the region. By entering the competition, you will get the opportunity to showcase your project to an entirely new audience and increase your reputation among clients. This year, you can compete in 4 different categories; B2B, B2C, B2I, and CROSSOVER, no matter if the event was live, hybrid, digital or virtual. In addition, 4 special awards will be presented – Audience Award, Conventa Grand Prix, Best in Creativity, and Best Event Agency.


When the registration is submitted, you can enter the details about your event and all materials HERE. The deadline for submission of materials is 22 JULY 2021.


How are the events evaluated?

All submitted entries will be evaluated by a jury consisting of international experts from the field of event organisation. The jury consists of 17 members who participate and have equal votes in evaluating the submitted entries. Every member of the jury makes their decision individually on the basis of their expert knowledge, reputation and authority. The jury ensures that only top-level events make it to the final rounds of live voting.

The evaluation of registered events follows a unique three-level model 80:20 (80% of the votes come from the expert jury and 20% from the professional public at the Conventa Crossover conference).

More information about members of the jury can be found here.

Not interested in registering with your project?

Join the Conventa Crossover conference as a participant instead!

Conventa Best Event Award will be an integral part of the Conventa Crossover conference, taking place from 26 to 27 August 2021 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, as well as ONLINE.

Support your favourite event agency by joining the conference, and casting your vote at the live voting session.

Everything you need to know about Conventa Best Event Award 2021 in one place.

Find out more about the competition in the brochure.

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