Every year, Conventa Crossover invites world-renowned meeting planners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives to share their knowledge in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This year won’t be any different – inspiring individuals who have helped co-create and transform the meetings industry will come together from 26 to 27 August 2021. At the same time, we will be opening the stage to a new generation of young and talented meeting planners and marketers. You will learn from keynote speakers who have successfully transformed their events and are recognized as the pioneers of our new reality.

Joining the 6th Conventa Crossover conference is Jaka Gornik, CEO of FM Agency and Founder of Confiva. Before you meet him at Conventa Crossover 2021, we wanted to hear his thoughts on the future of the meetings industry and see what surprises he has in store for us.

Interview with Jaka Gornik

Q: What do you think about the theme of this year’s Crossover – The Meetings Industry AC/BC (After Corona/Before Corona)?

The theme is hot. We all know that this, what is happening in the industry is our new and long-term future. Physical events as we were aware of will of course stay, but I think people need to get used to the digital extension, the hybrid event form. The earlier they adopt that, the better reward they will receive…

Q: What is your forecast for the meetings industry in the coming year (2022) and beyond?

the old form is probably never coming back

If you would ask me that 6 months earlier, than I would think that the event industry will recover faster. But now I see indicators that show the old form is probably never coming back. We will face adjustments in terms of capacity and health restrictions which we need to get used to.

Q: How do you envision agility and innovation in overcoming the corona crisis? Can you share some examples of best practices?

They are both the most important in times where the future is unpredictable. They are the engines for growth and success! The best example is that I have successfully switched from live events to online and hybrid by preparing our own online event platform, Confiva. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a people’s person but in these times where we are always out of our comfort zone I found the opportunity to grow and expand, internationally.

Q: How would you comment on the following statement? “Coronacrisis has shown the need to organise events that are responsible to the environment, the participants and the community as a whole”

nature always does what is best for her

I guess the digital environment gave us the opportunity to have an impact on the carbon imprint decrease. There is much less travel, we don’t print as much as before… I guess after some time we will see that nature always does what is best for her. We just need to follow it. Whether we like it or not…

Q: What will you surprise us with at this year’s event?

Well, if I tell you, then it won’t be a surprise 😊. I can assure you that I will bring a lot of positive energy with me to share it with all of you!

About Jaka
Jaka is the Founder and CEO of FM Agency. He is one of the most recognizable and charismatic representatives of the meetings industry in Slovenia and the Adriatic region. In his more than 20 year-long career he has participated in various local and international projects, but his main focus has always been FM Agency. He recently launched an EU-based event solution: a private live stream platform named Confiva.

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