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Cankarjev dom – CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana, hosted between 21 and 23 June 2021, the HYLA World Conference, which attracted attendees who arrived to Ljubljana from different countries to enjoy in live event.

HYLA International annually organises and sponsors HYLA World Conference. In the last year and a half, two times the HYLA Conference was cancelled due to the pandemic situation (first in New York City, then in Rio de Janeiro). Hence, the organiser was relieved that the conference was finally held in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, where the pandemic situation was at the moment under control and public gatherings and events were allowed.

Kongres Magazine and Cankarjev dom talked to HYLA International’s Vice President, Giuseppe Madonia, about the conference and troubles during the pandemic and about the execution of the corporate event at Cankarjev dom. The event and its organisation has also joint the competition for the Conventa Best Event Award 2021 which will be presented at the upcoming Conventa Crossover Conference.

HYLA World Conference at Cankarjev dom - CD Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana

Q: Hyla World Conference is your top corporate event. What are the goals of this event?

At the HWC we follow three main targets: reward our best people; present new products and sales systems; and be together with our people to keep the company always unified.

Q: How have you been influenced by the pandemic?

Like most companies in the world, we had one very bad month where we suffered loss of sales. As an international company, represented in 83 countries, we faced very bad situations like in Latin America or Italy. However, we reacted very fast and built up a strong connection with our people through social media, universities, laboratories etc. The result was that we almost doubled our sales in the last 12 months. As a matter of fact, mainly and because our product is an air purifier.

Q: When was the decision made to go forward with the execution of the Conference in these difficult times?

We always had in mind to carry out the conference, we never gave up that idea. We tried long for July 2020 in NYC, then we tried hardly for February 2021 in Rio and April 2021 in Ljubljana. During hard times, the contact to people is very important. Ones you lose contact to your people, you lose sales. Here we must say THANK YOU TO CANKARJEV DOM who supported us to make this event possible in June.

Q: Why did you choose Slovenia and Ljubljana?

HYLA is Slovenia and Slovenia is HYLA. Another reason was Summer in Europe and consequential reduction of restrictions in Europe. Last but not least, our people love Ljubljana and the Cankarjev dom’s Conference Room was the perfect location for our corporate conference and the thirtieth anniversary.

Q: What about the venue, Cankarjev dom – what was your reason for choosing CD?

We decided for Cankarjev dom because of, firstly, its team; secondly, the team experience; and thirdly, the Cankarjev dom’s has an excellent reputation which is a result of the first and second.

Q: Did the audience get what they expected – do you measure ROI?

They got what they expected and even more. We never saw them that enthusiastic!

Q: How about you, the organisers. Were you satisfied with the services provided by Cankarjev dom?

Everything was beyond our expectations. If 10 points would mean the highest rate of satisfaction, we reached 11 points.

Q: Do you find appealing the thought of standing on a stage that hosted some of the world’s greatest artists – including Luciano Pavarotti, Anna Netrebko and the Vienna Philharmonic, to name but a few.

It is an honour and pride we feel of standing on the same stage.

Q: Would you like to add anything?

On behalf of all of us THANK YOU VERY MUCH to THE CONGRESS TEAM AT CANKARJEV DOM!! Like the Vienna Philharmonic, they were a great conductor and their team great artists! They belong on that stage more than all of us!

Cankarjev dom about HYLA World Conference

Maja Vidergar, PR & Congress Marketing Specialist said about the HYLA World Conference:

Cankarjev dom’s HWC 2021 was undoubtedly one of the most interesting events we have had the pleasure of hosting this year. It not only attracted a “brave” number of attendees (which should be mentioned) but also featured prominently because of the wide attendance by country of origin and the multimedia service involved in its implementation.


In 1990, two Slovenian engineers, Janez Pogacar and Doro Erjavec developed first HYLA, prototype of an air and room cleaning system. Already early on, the company was instantly profitable. Soon it partnered with German experts, and split the production in two division – Development & Production, headed by the proprietors and Managing Directors Janez Pogacar and Doro Erjavec, and Marketing & Sales, headed by the Managing Directors Wilfried Metzger and Partner. HYLA Trade d.o.o. was established for the Marketing & Sales division. In 1999, HYLA International GmbH & Co. KG was founded. Today, HYLA, the air and room cleaning system, has more than 6,000 representatives world-wide and features in more than 83 countries around the globe. Today it is directed by president Wilfried Metzger.

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