Photo Credit: Hardest Hit Coalition

First hit. Last to recover.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, travel and tourism has ground to a halt. Canada’s hardest-hit businesses have seen festivals, concerts, conventions, Indigenous tourism experiences, fairs, exhibitions, and business and sporting events cancelled. These events won’t resume until 2022 at the earliest.

The Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses has launched a new letter campaign asking the government to follow through on an election promise to provide the tourism industry with temporary wage and rent support of up to 75% of expenses so that Canada’s hard-hit businesses can survive through the winter.

Photo Credit: Hardest Hit Coalition

With current wage and rent subsidy programs winding down this month, there is an urgent need for a new tailored survival solution. Without support designed specifically for our industry, the livelihoods of more than two million people working in tourism and travel—mostly women, youth and immigrants—will be at risk.

The Coalition of Hardest Hit Businesses is asking that a new, tailored wage and fixed cost support program be established at the earliest opportunity for Canada’s hardest-hit businesses to ensure their survival into the fall and winter.

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