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Osaka is a world-class meeting and event destination, and the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau (OCTB) is striving for Osaka to achieve a status as Japan’s number one and Asia’s premier MICE destination. With Expo 2020 Dubai currently underway, now is the time for Osaka to step further into the spotlight as Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai approaches.

To catch onto this momentum and further promote Osaka as an events destination, the OCTB has created a MICE promotional video showcasing Osaka’s vibrant and fun-loving appeal and has also designed the brand-new Osaka Meeting & Event Planning Brochure for MICE event planners who are considering Osaka as their next host destination. Making its debut in both of these promo materials is the 2021 Osaka MICE slogan, inspired by the friendliness, warmth, and fun sense of humour that defines Osaka and its people.

Osaka: Your Ideal Meeting & Event Destination

To capture the vivid energy and appeal of Osaka as a meeting and event destination, the OCTB has created a promotional video to showcase Osaka’s merits and spectacular appeal to event organizers around the world. Showcasing some of Osaka’s primary venues and sightseeing spots, the video emphasizes Osaka’s exceptional access, abundant meeting facilities, unique party venues, high-class comfort and hotels, and the unforgettable experiences only possible in Osaka. The OCTB will be using these videos in promotional activities to further inspire event organizers in Japan and worldwide with the possibility of hosting events in Osaka.

Osaka Meeting & Event Planning Brochure

To give meeting and event planners the inspiration they need in choosing Osaka as an event destination, the OCTB has designed a brand-new Meeting & Event Planning Brochure. Intended to be the meeting planner’s first stop in getting to know Osaka as a destination, the brochure is filled with information and ideas on event facilities, after-event entertainment and cultural activities, event support from the OCTB, and the reasons why organizers around the world choose Osaka as their host destination. The OCTB has created both a Japanese and an English version, with information in the English version catered to meeting planners worldwide who would find the information most relevant in their destination and venue search.

Download the brochure here!


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