And the best destinations of 2021 are…

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Meeting Experience Index (MTLG), an original matrix for evaluating destinations, published every year by Kongres Magazine. It is a reference system that enables a realistic comparison of destinations over time. 118 of the most important meeting destinations in the region of New Europe have already been evaluated using the index. The evaluation is a systematic, structured, and analytical process that includes numerous aspects that meeting planners consider vital. The best destinations will be awarded at the Meetings Star Award ceremony at the Conventa Trade Show 2022 taking place from 23 to 24 February 2022 in Ljubljana.

The Meeting Experience Index is one of the most complex destination evaluations that is not only based on the number of congress events but delves deeper analytically. The methodology addresses all key meetings industry segments and thus all key MICE products. 75 evaluation criteria are used to determine the final destination score. That is why the Meeting Experience Index has become the bedrock for selecting destinations for meeting planners.

All destinations are evaluated based on fieldwork and thorough research of individual criteria with the objective to come as close as possible to the real situation. Moreover, the editorial board of Kongres Magazine strives to present up-to-date information that is objective and transparent. Each year, the destination scores are revised and corrected with timely information.

An overview of the best destinations according to each category for 2021:


Destinations that can host more than 2,000 congress attendees (36 evaluated destinations)

Winner: VIENNA, Austria, with a final mark of 4.75


Destinations that can host up to 2,000 congress attendees (26 evaluated destinations)

Winner: TALLINN, Estonia, with a final mark of 4.52


Destinations that can host up to 1,200 congress attendees (26 evaluated destinations)

Winner: Dubrovnik, Croatia, with a final mark of 4.41


Destinations that can host up to 500 congress attendees (30 evaluated destinations)

Winner: BOHINJ, Slovenia, with a final mark of 4.05


 The best destinations of the New Europe region

WINNER: PRAGUE, Czech Republic, with a final mark of 4,05

The founder of the methodology, Gorazd Čad, explained: “Our evaluation matrix is primarily a tool for improving the competitiveness of individual destinations. It gives destinations an objective outlook on their offer and a reason to constantly improve, helping them achieve excellence. As the evaluation is a systematic and continuous process, the progress of individual evaluated criteria can be seen over time. Destinations choose to use our methodology because they wish to become or remain competitive worldwide.”

The organisers of the evaluation sincerely congratulate the best destinations on their excellent results. At the same time, they are devoted to continuing to ensure trustworthy and reliable information.

The Meetings Star Award ceremony
22 February 2022 at 19:30, Conventa Trade Show

The annual Meetings Star award ceremony and announcement of the best destinations will take place as part of the Conventa Trade Show 2022. You are invited to mark your calendars for Tuesday, 22 February 2022 at 19:30. The event will celebrate the regional meetings industry and will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and be broadcasted online.

What is the Meeting Experience Index or MTLG?

Meeting Experience Index is the final score given to a destination after going through 75 strict evaluation criteria. It places the destination among 118 other meeting destinations from Europe and the world.

A decade ago, at Kongres Magazine, we developed a system of evaluating congress destinations with the help of an original matrix dubbed the “MEETING EXPERIENCE INDEX” or simply MTLG – MEETOLOGUE. Since the inception of evaluating destinations, we have been diligently using the reference system to present a realistic offer of congress destinations through time.

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