Photo Credit: GreenEST Summit

Flagship Supporter of the Greentech Community

GreenEST Summit is the flagship Greentech event that brings together public and private sector experts, cleantech companies and investors from all over Europe to discuss how to address the inevitable green revolution.
Photo Credit: GreenEST Summit
This year 8 partners put their back’s together to help this become the leading Greentech event in Europe. Since 2019 GreenEST Summit is held in the unicorn factory – Estonia. The venue, Tallinn Kultuurikatel is a century-old power plant transformed into a one-of-the-kind creative hub. The organisers are reusing the old power station as a venue to promote sustainable technologies and sustainability.

The main topics this year will be:

RAW MATERIALS – The foundation of sustainable future
GREEN BUSINESS MODELS & INVESTORS – Profit vs planet as a win-win situation
BIOECENOMY – The innovation for life
SMART CITY – The future is built now
JUST TRANSITION – Change of the Mindset
ENERGETICS – The race to zero emissions

Kultuurikatel Tallinn

Photo Credit: Tallinn Convention Bureau, Kaupo Kalda
Last year, the event gathered 18 international speakers, 15 Greentech startups in the demo area and over 250 participants from all over Europe.

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Visit Tallinn Convention Bureau
Kaarli pst1 / Roosikrantsi 2
Tallinn, 10119

T: +372 640 4414

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