Photo Credit: Krakow Convention Bureau

Kraków implemented a social media communication strategy under #KrakówTheHostCity

In the new reality of pandemics, the possibility to organise B2B meetings, congresses and conferences is largely reduced. The events are held online, whereas the hybrid meetings are still waiting for their moment because of travel restrictions.

In such challenging times, the Kraków Convention Bureau decided that consistent #KrakówTheHostCity brand building, promotion and communication should be found among its main priorities.

Kraków Convention Bureau implemented a new social media communication strategy. It leverages our city’s strongest assets, leading sectors and resources like the IT and medical sectors, sustainable energy, higher education institutions, achievements of local scientists, scholars and physicians, culture and cultural heritage. We focus on the strengths of our city, the areas that were not severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and contribute to Krakow’ unique atmosphere and its genius loci.

Photo Credit: Krakow Convention Bureau

The main goal of this communication is to build an image of Kraków as the THE HOST CITY – ready for international congresses to be held here, showing their organizers that they will find both professional partners and high quality technical and technological infrastructure in Kraków. It envisages a modern, future oriented city, well aware of its assets and taking advantage of its rich cultural heritage.

Photo Credit: Krakow Convention Bureau

There are 8 main areas presented in social media:

– Science & Research
– Industry
– Business & Technology
– Culture & Art
– The Host City
– Heritage & Identity
– Smart City
– International Relations

Each area includes particular topics. Special graphic design and dedicated colours for each category make them easily distinguishable, thus establishing a clear and attractive message.

Within the framework of the above topic areas, it would be possible to learn about Krakow`s history and academic tradition reaching back to the 16th century which is the key to the innovative spirit of the city and the region. There will be portraits of Kraków Congress Ambassadors and scholars, information about Kraków international cooperation, innovative solutions in business and entrepreneurship or eco-friendly solutions for the infrastructure. Cultural and heritage related content are intertwined with photographs of historic monuments that are attractive for tourists and at the same time perfect for hosting the evening galas for business clients. The strategic goal of the campaign is to show the potential for organizing congresses and conferences in Kraków. News concerning the MICE industry and interesting facts about tourism will be also included, as the ongoing communication with both sectors and citizens is a significant part of the Kraków Convention Bureau operation.

Photo Credit: Krakow Convention Bureau

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