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At this point, it is hard to find a person that has not used some form of a webinar platform. These platforms include Zoom, Google meet, Livestorm, and others and they are all proper tools to convey a message or host a seminar. Up until now, they were a reasonable way for event managers to still make the event happen.

So what happened when multi-layered conferences, festivals, and other events wanted to stuff all their content into a webinar? They found out very quickly that such tools do not offer environments for the multi-layered content of a complex event. This is where the event platforms shine. No event is too complex and no number of attendees is too big.


So we have established that event platforms offer you more in terms of value to your attendees. These are the major segments that your attendees will definitely enjoy:

User experience

If you don’t know where you are going, you will get lost very fast. The same stands for online event platforms. There are quite some possibilities for attendees, and navigating through them should be simple, intuitive, and straightforward. Using a platform that has optimized the user journey will bring better results in attendee retention and offer more to your guests.

Simultaneous live streams

As in real-life events, multiple lectures or concerts are happening in different areas at the same time. In this case, you can segment the content so attendees can pick and choose from the different stages and can customize their experience based on their wishes


Event platforms offer multiple interaction options. Usually, there are options to integrate a third-party tool for collaboration or you can use the native tools that are embedded in the platform, such as polls and gamification. With a little bit of organization, you can even prepare a platform-wide treasure hunt. Give out incentives to participate and you can hardly miss any interaction.

Photo Credit: Confiva


Brands have always been interested in supporting events that fall in with their demographic, share the same values or just offer a good brand-building opportunity. Sponsorships are thus a big part of many events. Event platforms allow specific areas for sponsors to showcase their products or service.


The social gap we have experienced in the last year was hard enough to stop us from being social beings. We want to connect and create new personal or business friends. Event platforms utilize tools that encourage networking among attendees. Video chatting with other attendees or speakers is usually only a click away, and some go as far as offering quick-speed meetings.

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No capacity limitation

The potential for your event attendance is not limited by your venue. The sky is the limit with online platforms as the most visited events were hosting as many as 400.000 attendees. If your ticket sales indicate a higher volume of people than anticipated, be sure to inform your platform manager.

Professional guidance

Creating an online event can be overwhelming but optimizing the platform to best suit your event is another thing. Platforms such as Confiva even offer an event manager for every client, so they can guide them, manage video production and assure them that on the day of the event everything runs smoothly.

Easy setup

Once you have all your materials prepared, the integration is very simple and fast. Setting up a simple event can be done in minutes. But if you want to create something special for your attendees, we recommend that you start exploring the platform in the early stages of your event production.

Production support

If you are planning to create a polished event, you will need a video production team to get the best angles of your stage and speakers as well as cover all your editing, animation, and overlay needs. This can all be managed by the event professionals from event platforms that offer the added management services.


Interested in choosing Confiva?

If you want to create an unparalleled event, Confiva can do it.

They assign an event manager to every client to assure the maximum potential of the event. As event managers, they understand that having a direct connection for advice and guidance is priceless, especially when adapting to new technology. Sponsor opportunities, personalization, adequate security and a clean user interface are just some of the benefits of creating an event on their platform.

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