Ljubljana christmas december
Photo credit: Ljubljana Tourism Photo Library, Jani Zalaznik

This December, Ljubljana provides its business and leisure guests with two festive experiences. One enables visitors with a live experience of its festive lights, while the other offers a virtual tour. Both visits, live and virtual, take one through the city that has been continuously ranked among the most attractively decorated festive capitals of Europe.

Ljubljana’s light decorations are this year called ‘Omnipotence – the Power of All’. The lights, that will be on display until the 2nd of January 2022, form surprising shapes that every year enchant residents and visitors alike. Ljubljana’s streets, city squares, bridges and embankements are illuminated as a fairy-tale land. The slogan ‘Omnipotence – Power of All’ symbolises the old Slovenian saying ‘Power lies in harmony!’.

Photo credit: Ljubljana Tourism / Dunja Wedam

Created by Urban Modic, the decorations of the festive lights around the city centre and Old Town, focus on the significance of individual elements of the universe, life and the community that, connected, create fantastic and complex systems. The project comprises of approximately 850 sculptures and figures that bring with all the decorations in Ljubljana together to up to 50 km long chain of lights.

Additionally, Ljubljana shines in the traditional decorations that have been for years  creating the festive image of the city, including the famous meteorite shower on the Slovenska Street (Slovenska ulica), while Zvezda Park displayes annual lantern decorations made by Ljubljana primary school children.

Ljubljana christmas december
Photo credit: Ljubljana Tourism Photo Library, Dunja Wedam

And then there is the virtual tour, called Magical Ljubljana – Live Virtual Guided Tour that enables visitors to enjoy in this year’s decoration online. Visitors are taken on the virtual guided tour by a local expert guide of Ljubljana Tourism to experience Ljubljana’s festive lights. Tours can be booked as private live virtual guided tours every day and lasts for 45 minutes via Zoom webinar.