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The most-read interviews with distinguished meetings industry professionals

Over the course of 2021, Kongres Magazine conducted a series of interviews with meetings industry professionals from around the globe, who shared their thoughts on the future of events, if hybrid events will replace live events and how the pandemic has changed the industry irrevocably.

Below are the most-read interviews of 2021.


Jeremy Rees: “Organised business events are a huge catalyst for trade”

Interview with Jeremy Rees, CEO at ExCel London on the future of the exhibition industry and the future of trade shows.


Nina Erneker: “The only constant is omnipresent change”

Interview with Nina Erneker on her perspective on the future of the meetings industry, and how she has adapted to the “new normal”.


Kiriakos Pozrikidis: “Exhibition centres are more than just pillars of economic growth”

Interview with Kiriakos Pozrikidis, CEO of TIF-HELEXPO on the future of the exhibition industry and trade shows.


Meeli Jaaksoo: “This crisis will provide possibilities for small and medium-sized destinations”

Interview with Meeli Jaaksoo, who has been the head of Tallinn Convention Bureau since its creation 20 years ago.


Matjaž Jug: “Being unable to travel is more burdensome than all business problems”

Interview with Matjaž Jug, owner of ETC Adriatic, on his perspective on the future of the meetings industry.


Jens Oliver Mayer: “The industry has been changed forever”

Interview with Jens Oliver Mayer, Managing Director of Jack Morton Worldwide’s German Offices.


Armin Egger: “Digitization was important even before COVID-19”

Interview with Armin Egger, CEO of Messe Graz, on the future of trade shows and how they greeted the “new normal” at Messe Graz.


Claudia Köhler: “Face-to-face communication remains fundamentally important”

Interview with Claudia Köhler, Corporate Vice President of VOK DAMS on how VOK DAMS has adapted to the “new normal”.


Amanda Segar: “Virtual events are not providing the same value as face to face”

Interview with Amanda Segar from BlueJeans Events on the future of the meetings industry and why hybrid events are here to stay.


Ivan Burazin: “Every crisis leads to change and leaves space for tremendous growth”

Interview with Ivan Burazin, Founder of Shift on his perspective on the future of the meetings industry.


Paul Cook: “I see no reason for virtual events not to keep getting better”

Kongres Magazine interviewed Paul Cook, whose name has become synonymous with hybrid and virtual events.


Ivana Boras: “Creating events just cannot become boring”

Interview with Ivana Boras from Projektil Agency on the future of the meetings industry and how the Croatian agency has adapted to the “new normal”.


Maarten Schram: “Joining forces in times of a crisis is crucial”

Kongres Magazine talked to Maarten Schram, who was recently part of a Dutch initiative named Back to Live, which was organised to help live events return.


Jaka Gornik: “It is vital that companies stay in touch with their clients“

Interview with Jaka Gornik, founder and CEO at FM Agencija. Jaka Gornik is one of the most charismatic representatives of the meetings industry.


Inese Lukaševska: ”Events are unique instruments that provide unlimited options”

Interview with Inese Lukaševska, Founder at LUKA AGENCY on her vision about the meetings industry and its future.

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