In one of Kongres Magazine’s most extensive surveys so far, the Editorial Board wanted to find out what events will look like AC (After Corona), and what they were like BC (Before Corona). This will also the central theme of the 2021 Conventa Crossover conference, which took place at the end of August in Ljubljana.

“The theme is a logical response to one of the greatest social and environmental changes we are witnessing. We believe in the co-responsibility of all stakeholders in the meetings industry to co-create better and, above all, more sustainable events.” said Gorazd Čad, Editor in Chief of Kongres Magazine

The questionnaire consisted of 26 questions and a random sample of 278 meeting planners responded to the survey, which was distributed through social media, direct newsletters, and on the Kongres Magazine website. A further 2,067 organisers viewed the survey. The largest share of respondents comes from PCO, DMC, and event agencies (50%). 57,8% of respondents are owners or part of general management.

Summing up the research perfectly is the answer to the question of whether digital elements of events will remain with us after the crisis. 88.9% of respondents believe so. This is why radical change and the acquisition of new skills is urgently needed to remain competitive.

The survey shows a clear change in the behavior of event attendees before and during the coronacrisis and paints a picture of where the meetings industry is headed in the future.