Photo Credit: ABPCO

35 New members During 2021

ABPCO welcomed more than 35 new members during 2021 across all membership categories. This included a more than 12% net increase in both Full and Associate PCO members. Another membership growth was achieved in the student, entry, partner and industry member categories.

“This is a significant growth for ABPCO,” comments Association Director, Heather Lishman. “January always provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on our membership change from the previous year. In 2021 we saw a significant increase in our Full PCO members from a range of individuals who recognised the value ABPCO brings to them and their organisations.”

Photo Credit: ABPCO

In 2021 ABPCO focused on the delivery of ongoing support to members with solutions, case studies and tactics for dealing with the changing conference landscape driven by the COVID pandemic. This included education, communication, networking and informal updates and meetings. 2021 concluded with ABPCO’s first Festival of Learning, a seven-day hybrid event featuring industry-leading speakers delivering content relevant to the membership and wider industry.

Find out more at https://www.abpco.org/.

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