Kongres Magazine’s editorial board has gathered the winning and shortlisted projects of the BEA World Competition. Being placed among the best is an accomplishment that serves as positive encouragement for the entire industry in current times.

Bea World is an initiative that recognises and promotes excellence in events and live communication across the whole world and takes place in the context of Bea World – The International Festival of Events and Live Communication. Created in 2006 to foster and advance the importance of events in the marketing plans of large and smaller corporations, the Best Event Awards have helped agencies from 40 countries in finding inspiration and new ideas for their events, and are now acknowledged as the main and most challenging international industry recognition.


A unique virtual contemporary photography exhibition.

Objective – to find an innovative form of speaking to youth, generate interest about “the greats” of culture and desire to operate in this field.

We perceive the information about the world surrounding us through our vision. The human eye can distinguish 10 million undertones. However, colour perception is a complex process, so people see the world very differently. It affects not only our creative expressions but also the cultural field we work in and the artwork we create.

At the same time, each person’s iris contains thousands of invisible shades; therefore, it is a unique model of folds. It is like DNA and is more unique than a thumbprint. It has its own topography; therefore, we are able to create and dress up our vision in a particular art form and genre.

A unique virtual art gallery and contemporary photography exhibition were both created within “The View on the World”. Eyes of 10 world-recognized Latvian culture personalities were photographed in super macro mode and exhibited. Every viewer had unprecedented experience by symbolically comparing the view of composer and film director and see artists’ world literally through their eyes.

The exhibition let us catch a glimpse of the deepest edges of the human eye and think about the way our worldview affects our ability to create. Photography, psychology, science, virtual reality, communication design, architecture and study of viewers’ own experience all were used to generate the whole exhibition experience.

Name of the event: The View on the World
Date: There is no single date, the exhibition continues
Location: online, virtual
Organizer: Luka
Client: Luka (With the financial support of State Culture Capital Foundation)
Event type: Exhibition (virtual)


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