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Kongres Magazine chatted with Peter Gould, the CEO of RendezVerse, an AI-powered metaverse for trade shows, conferences and corporate meetings. Peter discussed the future of the metaverse as an alternative for organising events and why he believes metaverse will foster industry development like never before.

Q1: How would you define the metaverse? Can our current technology enable it?

The metaverse is the VR/AR/XR version of the worldwide web. Most things you do on the internet now will eventually move to the metaverse as it will be an enhanced experience. Web3 and 5G are here now. That is all we need to build it. We need better headsets more widely available, but they are coming later this year from Apple and Google.

Q2: What are your thoughts on the development of metaverse events?

It is going to happen; the question is how quickly? Many events will be better in the metaverse than face to face. Coming from a travel events background, I know hoteliers will enjoy taking clients on a virtual tour of their property rather than show 2D PPTs.

Q3: How would you assess the market potential for metaverse events?

B2B and corporate events are a $1trn industry. The drive to net zero, the pressure on time and budgets and pandemic uncertainty will drive a big share of this into the metaverse. It is important to understand how different metaverse events will be compared to Zoom meetings we have been experiencing. This is a format innovation that will drive change like never before in event planners’ thinking and options.

Peter Gould is a technology-driven organiser of corporate events and trade shows. He founded RendezVerse in 2022. In recent years, Peter has also led successful software start-ups in the travel and events industry.

Photo Credit: RendezVerse

“put a headset on, go and see what the experience is like, and you won’t have any more questions apart from, how do we do this now!?”

Q4: What does RendezVerse offer in this field?

RendezVerse offers bespoke optimised VR environments for Corp meetings, Conferences and trade shows and AI matchmaking backed up by meeting scheduling. Moreover, it offers real estate available as NFTs and Meet2earn buyer incentive programmes, driven by the $NGAGE token that runs on the Polygon blockchain. Further information is available at

Q5: What is the simplest question you get regarding metaverse events, and what is your reply?

No one in the meetings industry has really understood what a gamechanger this is going to be yet. I think Meta, Apple and Mircosoft know. So the questions tend to be very basic. My reply is generally the same, put a headset on, go and see what the experience is like, and you won’t have any more questions apart from, how do we do this now!?

Photo Credit: RendezVerse

“Countries don’t exist in the metaverse. There are no passports, borders or health requirements.”

Q6: How close to reality are virtual venues with today’s virtual and augmented reality tools?

It is 100% there, driven by VR gaming. All the tools are there and ready.

Q7: What will be the key part of monetising metaverse events? What are RendezVerse’s plans?

Same as live events now, really: attendance fees, advertising/sponsorship and marketplace services. Our meet2earn crypto token $NGAGE adds a twist to the dynamics!

Photo Credit: RendezVerse

Q8: How much interest have metaverse events sparked in Great Britain? Can you name a good practice?

You can’t look at the metaverse from a country perspective. Countries don’t exist in the metaverse. There are no passports, borders or health requirements. Hence, looking at the UK mises the whole point of the metaverse. I don’t think best practice cases have evolved at all yet, it is all so early days. But leading the way right now are Decentraland, Blocktopia and Sandbox. However, these are B2C focused and not designed with B2B events in mind.

Q9: What collaborations and partnerships are you planning in the future?

We have many planned, but sadly nothing I can announce today publicly. Follow our Twitter @rendezverseai for news as we release it.

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