Photo Credit: Brno Daily

The new multifunctional hall at the Brno Exhibition Centre is one of the largest strategic projects in Brno. This arena will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and will be able to host both sporting and cultural events. It will hold as many as 13,300 people, and 1,300 new parking spaces will also be built at the site.

The construction of the arena ranks as one of Brno’s largest strategic projects, and the construction itself is due to start sometime in 2022, once a construction contractor has been selected. The arena will be a multifunctional facility for sports, cultural activities, and other large-scale public events.

The facility will be adaptable for many different sports, including handball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and boxing, and will be able to hold many spectators for sporting events and concerts. The hall is designed and constructed according to the specifications of international sports associations, in order to serve as a venue for international sports events, such as World or European Championships. In addition, the so-called blue-green infrastructure is incorporated in the design and the building itself is designed to be environmentally friendly.

Photo Credit: Go To Brno

Until now, Brno has not had a sporting and cultural arena capable of holding more than 10,000 visitors. The new arena will have the capacity for as many as 13,300 spectators, including the arena’s standing section on the floor level. The arena’s capacity for hockey games is 12,714. The facility will also include food options, shops and other services.

The Brno exhibition grounds were once among the most significant functionalist sites in the world. Today, the exhibition space spans almost 190,000 m2.